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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Prison Cell at Burg Meersburg

It's quiz time!

Take a look at the above photo, close your eyes, and see what you pick up on.  How many spirits did you sense?  Are they all similar?  Do any stand out?

Connecting with a building before walking into it is one of my favorite things to do.  I like to be a little prepared.  So I do that exact thing with closing my eyes and reaching out my "spidey senses" to see who, or what, I pick up on.  Sometimes I see a lot.  Other times, I get nothing. 
 No experience is ever the same.

With Burg Meersburg, I picked up on over 50 spirits.  50!!  How crazy is that?!  And none of them were really similar.  The one that stood out the most was this beautiful elderly monk.  I've been to this castle twice and I saw this man both times.  He spends his days gazing peacefully out the windows that overlook Lake Constance.  And if you're lucky, he will touch you and bless you.  The first time I visited this place, he stood next to me for quite a while as I peered out an open window.
  I just adored him.

But that's not who I want to talk about today.

Out of all those spirits, one stood out above the rest.  He happened to be located in a tiny prison cell deep within the immense castle.  My mom, nephew, son, and I were touring the castle, and the tour guide took us into a tiny room.  She explained that it was a prison cell, and I remember raising my eyebrows and smiling in excitement as I walked through the doorway into the little room.  I mean, when I hear prison cell, I immediately think "Spirit!"  How could it not be haunted?

So in I walk, and the whole group of us cram ourselves into the room.  The guide starts speaking in German, providing a rough outline of history associated with the room.  I had no choice but to tune her out.  I was instantly distracted by the spirit next to me.  

This was my view, standing in that room:

I immediately became extremely dizzy and disoriented.  My ears started ringing, my vision blurred, and I couldn't hold myself up.  I had to lean heavily on the wall behind me as I waited for the confusion and dizziness to pass.  To my left, right next to the table in the 3rd photo, there was a male spirit standing next to me.  His body was touching mine, and he was causing me to become extremely ill and uncomfortable.  

He had short, disheveled hair, a dirty face, dirty clothes, and ripped pants.  He had no shoes on.  He didn't say a single word to me.  Instead, he imposed his overwhelming energy on to me, and looked me right in the eyes.  It was as if he was assessing my reaction and sizing me up.  He didn't smile.  He was intense and serious, and seemed unsure of what to think of me.

I stood there, pressed against the wall, trying not to fall or say something stupid out loud.  This man got my attention in a very bold way, and I knew he was stuck there.  But when I mentally asked him if he wanted my help, he responded with a very clear "NO."

Ok then.

I didn't help him.  He continued staring at me for another minute and then seemed to grow tired of me.  He pulled back his energetic influence, and walked toward the single window next to him.  As the group began walking out of the room, I hung back for a moment.  I stood there looking at his back, wondering what to do next. Eventually, I turned around and walked out the door. 

Sometimes you just have to leave them in peace.  I believe that was what he truly wanted, even though I didn't understand it.

Walking down the hall, my mom stepped in line next to me and said "Did you feel that?  In that prison room?  It was intense!"  To which I responded, "Yes.  It definitely was."

Thank you for reading my blog.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hotel Schöne Aussicht Garni---A Haunted Hotel in Bavaria

30 seconds.  That's all it took for me to realize this place was haunted.  My friend, Erika, and I stayed in this small hotel this past weekend.  It was hidden in the hills of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, surrounded by the Bavarian Alps.  The scenery was peaceful and calm, but the entire area is very, very old.  We walked up the stairs and down the hallway to our room and I instantly said "Oh I will have a blog post to write after this."  I stood there looking down the dark hallway into the eyes of three spirits.  And when I closed my eyes and relaxed my mind, I counted way more than that in the building.  It was so overwhelming, and so hard to breathe.

When we shut the door to our room and put our bags down, I felt many of the spirits gather around our door.  They were very curious about us.   I mean, poking their heads and hands through the door and walls type curious.  It was just creepy.  And I'm just standing there trying to act normal so my friend doesn't swear off taking trips with me again.  Luckily, she's an understanding woman.

So these ghosts (at this point I counted six) were literally climbing through the walls.  Erika and I unpacked, cleaned up, applied our makeup, changed clothes, and got the heck out of there so we could sight-see and eat some delicious Bavarian food.  I was never so happy to leave a place as I was at that moment.  I just couldn't take how heavy and crowded our room, and the hotel as a whole, felt.  

We came back from dinner a couple of hours later and started our individual night time routines.  Both of us being avid readers, we happily got in our beds and read the books we brought.  As I read, I noticed two spirits climbing up the walls and onto the ceiling directly over my bed.  Neither of them looked spooky in appearance.  They both appeared to be in their 30's and from the 50's or 60's era.  One was male and the other was female.  Both had dark hair, with the woman having long flowing locks.  She was actually quite beautiful.  Other than the fact that she was distorting her body and climbing on the ceiling, of course.  I don't think that ever gets easy to see.  It was just a bit much.  I did my best to ignore them, but by that time I was wide awake.

By 10:00 pm we turned out the lights and tried to go to sleep.  I remained in my bed, looking up at the ceiling, watching all the spirits move about us.  Then I hear Erika say "I'm going to the bathroom."  To which I responded "Ok."  I watched her get out of bed, walk across the room, and out the door toward the communal bathroom in the hallway.  Fifteen minutes roll by and I begin to worry.  I wondered why she hadn't come back yet.  But then, I sit up and look over at her bed and see her sound asleep as if she never moved.  Come to find out, she really never did move.  It wasn't her that got up and spoke to me, which I found out the next morning.  Apparently, this is not an uncommon occurrence for her.  People in her family have reported experiencing the same thing; talking to and seeing her move through the house and then find out she was upstairs the entire time.  I'm not sure what that means, if she has a spirit attached to her or if she just astral projects herself, or what.  Whatever it is, it gave me chills.  I think that night she out creeped me, and I love her for that!

Other than that bizarre happening and the unsettling ghosts crawling all over the place, we had one other major experience.  And the fun part about that was that it happened both nights.  ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  No joke.  We had activity all night, both nights we slept there.

It all started innocently enough that first night.  I was in my bed, lights out, and began hearing loud booms, bangs, scratching, and what sounded like someone dragging something heavy across the floor above us.  These extremely loud noises carried on from 11:00 pm until 5:30 am both nights.  By the second night, Erika wasn't having it.  She got on our balcony and fussed at the people above us, fairly assuming they were partying all hours of the night.  The thing was, the ceiling, floors, and walls were all concrete.  Not much noise was going to penetrate that.  Secondly, these noises were too repetitive.  The dragging, scraping, and booms didn't sound like people.  And if it were, what on earth would they have been doing?!  The big kicker was that these noises continued well into the morning when we got up to leave for our trip back home.  Were they still dragging sacks of grain/dead bodies/etc across the floor?  It just didn't add up.

And lastly, the big factor for me that led me to know for certain that those noises didn't come from the living was the continuous glimpses of spirits I saw both nights.  They poked their heads through the ceiling and both walls.  They were letting me know it was them.  But why?!  I have no idea.  It was almost like they were having a blast and wanted to excitedly pop in and say "See?!  It was me!!" or "Look at me having all this fun!"  I mean, how do I explain that to my friend?

We left frustrated and tired, but I also left renewed in a way.  It has been a long time since I've slept in a place with so much activity.  It was exhilarating and fun, and I am grateful for the experience.  Now I'm trying to convince my husband to go with me so I can take lots of pictures (something I failed to do this time) and have even more incredible encounters and stories.  Sometimes I really love my life.  It is never boring...

Thank you for reading my blog.

P.S. Big shout out to Erika for being so cool with me writing about her and for putting up with my weirdness.  She's the real MVP ;-)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Past Life Meditation

I am a sucker for a good guided meditation.  Especially if the guided meditation is going to take me on a wonderful adventure.  When one of my good friends sent me a link to a guided meditation that helps you figure out your past life, I knew I had to try it out asap.

It's funny.  Every out-of-body experience I have, I usually go in with a little bit of an expectation.  Or a vision of what to expect.  It's never good to have those mental pictures already in your head before starting because then you're pretty much controlling the experience, which is not what I want at all.  When I started the meditation I half expected to see a medieval castle where I was a princess or prominent lady.  I also thought I might find myself in ancient Greece or Rome.  You know, something exciting and notable.  But that's not what happened at all!

And I was grateful for that.

The meditation took me through all sorts of places that would help me go deeper into my mind, and when it was time to open the door and discover my past life, I was amazed.  I opened the door and was immediately transported to South America.  I heard the ocean, felt the sand in between my toes, and felt the cool breeze on my face.  I looked up and saw the night sky.  The stars and constellations were not like anything I've ever seen before.  I knew I was at least 100 years back in time.

I was standing on that beach as a pre-teen boy.  I stood there with fear in my heart and I felt it deep in the pit of my stomach.  At such a young age, I felt an immense amount of pressure and had the worry of failure.  I stood there and had a rush of memories.  First as a very young boy, being told that I was to be a Shaman.  Then flashes throughout my young life of training with the local Shaman, journeying, taking hallucinogenics, and then the most recent memory of being prepped for the big test to determine if I will become a Shaman or not.

It was a very big ceremony that consisted of fire, some sort of drug that would make me hallucinate something awful, and a very sick woman that I was supposed to heal.  I was shaking from all the pressure.  I saw an older Shaman's face in my mind'd eye and he was firm but also comforting.  He told me I would do fine and I would not fail.  I was destined to be the village Shaman and I would fulfill that destiny.  I heard drumming, smelled smoke from the fire they started, and I squared my shoulders and turned to walk back toward the ceremony.  Apparently I was ready.

And then my vision was over.

It was an intense vision and meditation, but one I am so glad to have experienced.  Does it necessarily mean that what I saw was actually one of my past lives?  No.  But it did help answer some personal questions.  Before I started the meditation, I half expected to see myself in the medieval ages living as a princess in a castle in England.  So the fact that it was 100% not what I expected; that I was a boy, and was doing something I never thought I had done before tells me that there was something of substance there.  It helped to explain why I have this natural pull to be a healer.  Why I am so obsessed with Shamanism, long to live in a jungle in solitude, and to always want to be meditating and dreaming.  If this vision has truth to it, being a healer is just who I am and was, even well before I was born in 1984.  That's something I take very seriously and am proud of.

If you've never explored your past lives, I highly recommend it.  Here is the link to the meditation I used:

Please comment below with your own experiences, or email me at  I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading my blog.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Afghan Dolls Are Gone For Good

Well, I did it.  Finally.  I burned the Afghan Dolls in order to set their spirits free.  I was sort of being a big baby about the whole thing, and put off the burning for as long as possible.  I just enjoyed having them around!  I can't help it.  I become attached to spirits that reside in my home.  It's hard to say goodbye sometimes.

I made sure to wait for a damp, drizzly day for me to burn each doll.  I set up a large concrete pot in the center of my yard, covered each doll in lighter fluid, said a long prayer for their souls to safely go where they were meant to go, and lit them on fire.

*Side note, sometimes it's hard to start a fire!  Who knew I would be total crap at being a pyromaniac!

Once they were fully ignited, I stood there and waited for any odd sensations to come about.  Not even ten seconds later, I felt so strange.  I felt a mixture of excitement and exhilaration mixed with sadness and anxiety.  I was a bundle of emotions and I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.  But I knew that was the three of them sort of swirling their energy with mine and finally crossing over.

It was pretty simple.  I burned the dolls and their spirits were set free.  They didn't possess me, I wasn't harmed.  It was just flat out beautiful and emotional.  I sat outside with the dolls so they could burn all the way.  I then washed the ashes away with water, cleaned up the mess, and went inside.

For the rest of the day I felt very exhausted.  Maybe it was from feeling their energy so strongly or just the crossing over that did it, but I was pretty useless afterward.  I was just so tired.  I half expected to have crazy dreams that night but nothing happened.  I knew this morning that they are officially at peace and where they need to be.

My house feels a little empty without them, but I am just so happy that I was finally able to help them.  May they rest in peace.  Finally.

Thank you for reading my blog,

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

I Wrote A Book!

You see that photo right there?  That, my friends, is the cover of my new (and first) book.  I wrote a book!!  I still can't believe it.  This book, called The 60 Day Journey, is a 60 day guide to help people turn their lives around.  It is constructed of my life's work of self betterment, spiritual growth, and psychic development.  Each and every exercise and assignment has been tested by yours truly with great results.  I knew I needed to share these practices with my friends and family (and even more people who might me interested).  It took months to write and really piece together the perfect order for the plan, but I am so proud of the finished product.

I hope that you will show your support by buying my book, and by sharing the link with your friends and family on social media and in person.  I will be so incredibly grateful to you.

Never in a million years did I think I would have a book out there for people to buy.  But I did it and I am so humbled.  Dreams do come true.  I am living proof of that.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the book once you read it!  Please message me anytime.  
I'd love to hear from you.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Getting To Know Yourself

I have been in a very contemplative, reflective mood this past month and it's sort of driving me bananas.  At least twice a year I re-evaluate my life, my current mental state, my feelings, and my passions.  Basically, I ask myself "Is this who I want to be?  Am I on the right track?  What can I do differently?"  And if my answer is different than it was six months ago, I try to make changes accordingly.  The problem with that, however, is that it can be sort of a roller coaster emotionally, mentally, and physically.  I like to think that if we aren't constantly evolving and growing and changing ourselves for the better we aren't fully living life as it was intended.  And I fully believe that if we aren't a bit uncomfortable, we aren't properly changing and growing as we should.  After all, I don't think anyone can say change is easy!  But it is just so hard sometimes!

The funny thing is that when we decide to look inside more often than others, and really strive to make changes when necessary, it can be hard for our friends and family to understand and connect with us.  They may not get what your sudden change is all about.  They may think you are flaky, can't settle on just one thing, and don't know what you want.  They may feel disconnected with you and feel like they don't know you anymore.  Your change can be extremely difficult for the people around you.  And that's ok!!  We all have to hop on the struggle bus every now and then to initiate some of that much needed positive change.

My family and friends know when I've entered this contemplative mood, because I will start new projects, introduce new ideas, and begin shifting my focus a bit.  I have a tendency to get off track more often than not because I have so many passions.  So those moments where I come back to myself and check in are so necessary.  They get me back to a point where I can narrow down those passions and interests to a more manageable state.  

Maybe that's my passive way of saying to expect a new project from me soon, because I actually am working on something that will be in addition to this blog that will allow me to be true to my self more than ever.  I'm pretty excited about that. 

I think that everyone can benefit from taking time out of their lives to check in and see if they are truly happy.  Check-in and see if there is anything they could be doing differently to ensure absolute fulfillment and happiness.  No one is going to do that for you, so why not take control of your life and never have regrets?  

I found a wonderful list of questions from that may just help you to get started on that whole self reflection thing: 

Take some time this week/weekend to honestly answer those 26 questions.  And then think about your current life.  What changes can you make to ensure you're living a life that is authentic to your true self?  This exercise can be done as often as you like, and it's important to have fun with it.  Life is meant to be enjoyable!

Remember that you deserve to be happy. You deserve to live a life full of purpose and meaning.  You deserve to be authentically you, free of any judgement and shame.  That is a life worth living, after all.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Haunted Doll I Nicknamed "Yikes"

*Pop Quiz*

Take a look at the picture above and ask yourself the following:

1. Does this doll have a female or male spirit attached to it?

2. Is the spirit kind and compassionate, or angry and malevolent?

3.  First impression, how does this doll make you feel?

Now really take a moment to look at this doll and feel the attached spirit's energy.  


If you participated in the above quiz you basically reenacted the exact process I go through upon meeting a new doll.  Part of my job as a medium is to shut down all of the inner dialogue going on in my head--the judgements, opinions, second guessing, doubt--and simply listen to the very first impressions that come into my mind.  It's not easy at all, in fact, it takes a lot of continuous practice.  Especially since these first thoughts happen within a millisecond, and those annoying ego fueled thoughts come immediately after.  This all happens within the first two seconds of making contact with a doll, spirit, building, or object.  It's a lot of pressure!  But at the same time, I enjoy the mental exercise and I also make sure to rely on my own body sensations to fill in any missing pieces.  Your body can clue you in to all sort of things.  You can feel dread, fear, and anxiety.  That typically means a not so good spirit.  Feeling happiness, exhilaration, and fulfillment often means you are in the presence of a nature spirit or deceased family member.  And just goosebumps and adrenaline can mean the simple presence of a ghost.  

It took me years of practice to really hone this skill; learning to listen to my intuition and body sensations to siphon as much information as possible within ten seconds of coming in contact with a spirit.  And even with all the practice I've had,  I can be surprised and caught off guard by what I am met with.  Case in point: This very doll.

At first glance, I assumed I would be meeting with a female spirit who was mildly confused or frustrated by being stuck to this doll.  I figured our encounter would be simple and I would have the spirit crossed over in no time.  But then I went through the process of asking myself the very questions I asked you.  Is this a male or female spirit?  Male.  Definitely male.  Huh, I thought to myself, that's interesting.  Is the spirit kind or malevolent?  My stomach sunk as I realized this spirit was most definitely malevolent.  He was angry and violent and just plain bad.  How does this spirit and doll make me feel?  Dread.  Uncomfortable.  Hesitant.  And when I took a second to really connect to the spirit's energy one word came to mind: YIKES.  Also, EWWWW.  But mostly "yikes."

When I took ten minutes to sit down and officially connect with the spirit attached to this doll, I was met with hostility and anger.  I heard "I hate you" and "Rot in hell" which are clearly things you do not want to hear from a spirit.  Ever.  I saw a man who had jet black hair, appeared to be in his mid 40's, had a large beer belly, and seemed to be the poster child of alcoholism.  He just exuded alcohol addiction.  He was somehow attached to this doll against his will and he has been bitter and livid at the fact that 1. it's a doll and 2. it's a girl doll.  The horror.  He was a clear projector so I got all of this information clearly and quickly.  I also saw that he's angry with the fact that the doll has been tampered with.  There are elements to the doll's appearance that haven't always looked this way and that offends him.  He is miffed that someone would mess with the doll's appearance while he's attached to it.  Almost like it was personal, which it definitely was not.

This man died in the early 90's.  I believe he died from liver failure or heart attack; something that was a direct result from his excessive drinking.  He lived somewhere like Oklahoma or Texas.  He worked a hard labor job.  I don't think he was married at the time of his death and he had no children.  He never crossed over and then one day *poof* he was attached to this doll.  He is confused as to how this happened and there is a major hole in his memory during that time.  

Since our initial contact he makes sure to say something whenever I walk by or am in my office (where this doll is stored).  His comments usually involve something snarky and rude, but luckily it's easy to ignore him.  At night, I've heard him talking out loud, walking around, and once he even scratched across the length of the wall very slowly.  It sounded like an animal with claws and it was extremely unsettling.  

I had been taking my time with this guy; slowly figuring out how to go about crossing him over.  I did not want to have to have lengthy conversations with him and felt that there was a way to make him leave without much effort on my part.  Thankfully I was able to do just that.  Right after taking these photos I had a bright idea.  I cleansed the entire room and each doll with cedar smoke.  I opened the window in that room and then explained to the other dolls how to cross over.  All in an attempt to set the stage for this guy to cross on his own.  I knew he was listening as I explained the process and the cedar smoke and open window made the transition even easier.  I kept the smoke coming and made it seem like I was turning my back to him so that he would feel he was being sneaky and defiant by taking advantage of the rare opportunity presented to him.  My silly attempt to manipulate him actually worked and as my back was turned, he separated from the doll and went through the bright white light.  The entire room's energy lightened immediately.  All it took for this guy was for him to feel in charge and like he was tricking me.  Men, lol.

I can't say that I know where his spirit will end up, but at least I know he's not where he doesn't belong: attached to a doll.  Who he meets in his crossing and what he must face is all on him.  My job is done when it comes to him and it feels good to wipe my hands clean of him.  

One down....way too many more to go.

Thank you for reading my blog.