Tuesday, December 3, 2013


My dreams are what allowed me to realize that there is so much more out there than I originally thought.  My dreams were what got me started on my journey many years ago.  Even as a child I was full of wonderment and awe at the thought of other dimensions, the concept of ghosts, and how psychics and mediums even do what they do.  It's so fascinating!

When I was about six or seven I started to dream about dead people.  I knew they were dead because they had a certain glow to them.  Sometimes their cause of death would be very apparent which would intrigue yet terrify me.  They would often sit with me, walk through the forests with me, take me swimming, and hug me.  I always felt safe with my deceased dream land friends.  I never thought this was weird or out of the ordinary.  I thought everyone could do this.  

There were certain dreams I can remember that were so magical and extraordinary that I wanted to capture the essence of the dream and make it into a painting or book.  I would fantasize about the worlds I visited, the people I met, the Gods that would take me to the heavens, feed me sweets, and tell me their deepest secrets.  The worlds that I saw, the people I met, and the dimensions and universes I explored were so incredible and special that I found it hard to believe that they didn't exist.  

As an adult I started to get even more indication that what I was dreaming was in fact real.  I had a lot of nightmares where I was brutally murdered, would go through the death, and wake up panicking because I could still feel the transition of death, the pain, and the blood dripping down my body.  After a few years of experiencing these dreams I started to pay more attention.  I would see a sign, a piece of mail with a name and address, I'd catch my reflection in a mirror only to discover that it wasn't my face.  Once I woke up and got over the initial shock of dying I would run to the computer and start researching what I saw.  I would find murders all over the country that would fit exactly what I went through, the women would have the same face that I saw in the mirror, and the addresses would match up.  I was blown away.  I felt like they were putting me in their shoes so someone knew what happened to them.  So someone could feel the horror and pain and sorrow that these women felt.  And boy did I feel it.  

My dreams have been so amazing that I spent a very long time loathing being awake.  I wanted to be asleep forever so I could be in the other worlds and be where I belonged.  I felt so at ease in dreamland and so awkward and alone when I was awake.  It took me a long time to get to the point that I could enjoy being awake again.  There's so much that this life has to offer and I do believe that one day my dream world will be what I'll be living on a daily basis when I am long gone from this earth.  That brings me a lot of comfort.  

I've never stopped dreaming about the dead, traveling to other dimensions, visiting with others, and flying through the heavens.  I've heard many times people say "Andrea, they are only dreams."  I just smile and move on.  I know what I see.  I know who I talk to and what I feel and experience.  I don't need to be validated when it comes to my dreams.  They're special to me and that's all that matters.

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