Friday, December 6, 2013

My inner voice

I hear voices in my head.  Well, sort of.  It's not what you think, I swear!  You know that inner monologue we all seem to have on a regular basis?  All the constant chatter that we can't ever quiet down in our minds?  I have that too.  I also have an inner voice that makes itself known on a regular basis that tells me what I need to know or what I need to hear at that time.  I also have another voice in there that is my Spirit Guide.  I call him Adam.  On occasion I also have other voices that pop up to tell me things or deliver messages that I know are other spirits or guides or family members of people I'm reading for that leave just as quickly as they arrive.  I realize that by admitting to all of these voices I am taking the risk of looking like a multiple personality sufferer or a schizophrenic.  I assure you that I am just as sane as the rest of you!

I've always had these voices.  I remember years ago having a "thought" that didn't sound like my own and then noticing that thought coming to fruition.  Some would be so ridiculous like "Guess what, Natalie Portman had her baby!"  I'd turn on the E! channel and discover that Natalie Portman did, in fact, have her baby.  How trivial, right?  Other times I'd hear that a friend of mine was sick and I should call her.  I would do just that and she would be very ill.  I've heard when people are pregnant (sometimes before they even know it).  I've even heard how a movie is going to end which annoys me to no end!

Some of my favorite times to experiment with the voices are when I'm doing tarot card readings for other people.  As I'm doing a reading I'll hear random stuff like "she's really ADD" or "tell him he really needs to just let it go."  Often times I'll deliver the message despite how random it seems and I am typically validated by the person explaining to me what that message means to them and how it applies to their current situation.  My favorite thing to do is to perform readings for people when they ask about what spirits are around them.  Let's be honest, how would I know about this person's grandma or mom or husband that passed away?  I flip over the cards and listen to what my mind is saying.  I'll hear all kinds of stuff.  Sometimes they are simple messages of how much the person's grandma loves her and how she loves to watch her write in her journal.  Other times I hear how frustrated a guy's dad is because he's moping and not supporting his family.  It's so unpredictable and random that it keeps me on my toes and it allows me the much needed time and practice to distinguish what's what in my crazy brain.

Some common questions I am asked on a regular basis is "How do you know that you're receiving a message?"  "How do you know who's talking to you?"  "How can you tell the difference between your own inner voice and your spirit guide?"  It is no easy feat!  It's taken me many years of paying attention and trial and error.  I almost always can tell when it's just me.  I know what I sound like, I know my thought patterns.  With my spirit guide I can easily distinguish his messages now, but it took me a long time to get to that point.  The voices are so subtle, almost like I'm recalling a distant memory.  The messages are so quiet and are slipped in so fast that if you aren't careful you'll miss them altogether.  I've learned to really listen, to know when I should be paying attention.

It's not something I can really explain in simple terms.  The truth is I don't quite know how it works.  All I can say is that I hear something in my mind and it seems important.  I act on it or look it up and it almost always turns out to be true or of importance.  The more frequent this happens the easier it has become.  I guess practice makes perfect even when listening to the many voices in one's head.  ;-)

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