Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Spirit Guide

The concept of a "Spirit Guide" means something different to each person.  To me a spirit guide is a spirit that is assigned (or voluntarily signed up) to a person on earth to help, protect, and guide them.  Some people would refer to them as their Guardian Angel.  Regardless of the title I feel that the relationship between a person and their spirit guide is something extremely special and worth learning about.

I started getting to know my spirit guide several years ago, when I was about 18 years old.  An old friend of mine passed away when I was 17 and I used to dream about her regularly.  My guide appeared in my dreams around that time to help explain to me why I was seeing my friend.  He slowly helped me to navigate the spirit world and guided me on how to help my friend eventually pass on to be where she belonged (more on that in a future post, I promise).  I remember realizing pretty early on that he was there specifically to help me.  I knew he chose me, wanted to help, and loved me unconditionally.  We instantly developed a very strong bond.  He was like a brother, father, and best friend all in one.

Over the years I only noticed him in my dreams.  He has dark brown hair, brown eyes, medium height, muscular (but slim) build, tan skin, and the kindest smile I've ever seen on a person.  He would take me on the most incredible adventures, which I eventually referred to as astral travel.  He would take me to these far off places to meet others like me and we'd all sit in a circle and talk about our experiences and offer support and advice.  I remember a few occasions where I would become overwhelmed with all this knowledge I was accumulating and realizing the burden of the gifts I was given I would begin to cry and panic.  My guide would hug me and comfort me and would leave me with more resolve to do better and really embrace this side of myself.

A couple of years ago I started to work harder to build a relationship with my guide while I was awake.  I was tired of him popping up whenever he felt like it in my dreams and not being able to see him on demand.  I began meditating regularly to practice silencing my mind and building my focus.  I found a wonderful guided meditation that took me deep into the woods and into a gorgeous clearing where I lounged in the grass, gazing at the sky, and eventually met with my guide in the sunshine.  We hugged, talked, and agreed to meet regularly.  He told me to call him Adam even though that wasn't his real name.  Apparently I wouldn't be able to pronounce his given name.

After that first meeting in the clearing I started to meet with him each time I meditated.  We'd hug, he'd praise me at my progress, tell me how proud he is of me, and then tell me what I needed to know at that moment.  Then I'd go home.  Shortly after that I started to ask him for help during my tarot readings and he did.  I'd hear his soft voice in my mind telling me things I needed to know to deliver to others when reading for them.  I even started asking him to show me things in my dreams and he would always come through.  He'd deliver messages and one time even called me on the phone in one dream when I was being especially stubborn.

About six months ago I found another guided meditation that allowed me to meet him along with other spirits and my ancestors on a beautiful beach with a bright pink sunset in the distance.  He would stand there with this whole entourage behind him and they always let me know they were there just to see me.  The amount of love and kindness and support that radiates from him each time I see him on that beach is so overwhelming that I cry every time.  During those times we don't speak.  He and the other spirits simply smile and embrace me and offer me gifts and then I turn around and walk away.

I've learned that having a spirit guide is something we all need.  My guide offers love, support, guidance, and help whenever I need it.  He's helped me to realize my gifts and has shown me how to make them stronger.  He brings me messages, brings other spirits to me when they need help, and slowly introduces me to other realities when he feels I'm ready.  I've come to realize that he serves as a protector of sorts when I'm opening myself up to other spirits to communicate.  I never feel unsafe or threatened.  If I've learned anything it's that I want to be a spirit guide when I pass on.  To offer your services, to love unconditionally, and to help guide someone through their own spiritual journey would be such an amazing honor.  He's helped me find comfort in the thought of an afterlife.  I no longer fear death.  In fact, I look at the afterlife as another exciting adventure I will eventually have.  For all the gifts he's given me I will be eternally grateful.


  1. Can you ask Adam to find others on the other side for your friends .. To check in and ask questions? ~A~

    1. I can, although it's sometimes a little unpredictable. I typically ask for help when doing Tarot readings and when someone's asking about a deceased loved one. I've had a lot of success when asking Adam for help. I feel very lucky!