Friday, January 17, 2014


I have a love/hate relationship with meditating.  I know I need to do it every day to keep my mind quiet, to strengthen my gifts, and to maintain my sanity.  It's just so hard sometimes to even carve out ten minutes a day to sit quietly.

It seems everywhere I go, every person I speak to, offers the same statement:  You need to meditate more.  I sigh and nod and think in my head "Yeah, yeah" and go on with my day.  Easier said than done, people!  I actually really enjoy meditating--When I do it--but more often than not I can find a billion other things to do with my time.

Many people ask me how I meditate.  Like everything else I do I have a small ritual that I do when sitting down to meditate.  It helps my body and mind to prepare for what's about to happen.  I've created a lovely space in my bedroom that I refer to as my altar that has candles, crystals and gemstones, a Buddha statue, fresh flowers, and other mementos that make me happy and feel in touch with my spiritual side.  I sit down in the dark on a pillow in front of my altar and light the candles.  Then I burn my cedar to cleanse myself and the space.  I take a few crystals and gemstones to rest in my hands and close my eyes.

I pray about various things, put my headphones on and press play on a recording of crystal singing bowls or shamanic drumming, and then begin my meditation.  I take several deep breaths and focus on relaxing every part of my body.  After about a minute of breathing and relaxing I begin to visualize numbers in front of me on a white wipe-off board.  I start with 12 and countdown to 1 erasing each number and writing the next as I go.  Then I start again with 13 and countdown to 1.  When I reach 1 the second time I am in a deep meditative state.  I feel as if my body is spinning and sometimes I feel like I am even floating.

Once I am in this meditative state I will choose what I want to do next.  Sometimes I perform healings for people which involves me visualizing the person, or animal, and bathing them in various colors of light and visualizing them recovering from whatever ailments they have.  Other times I take myself through caves or the local gold mine to journey to the lower world to meet with various spirits.  I often travel to the woods to meet with my Spirit Guide too.  Every now and then I will simply just float in space to clear my mind and enjoy being in my deep state.

I do suffer from my thoughts creeping up constantly to drive me insane.  I spend a lot of time drifting and thinking and then realizing my error and swatting the thoughts away like an annoying mosquito.  I think this is why they call meditation a practice; because even after all these years I still haven't mastered it!  It takes years of practice and even then no one is perfect.

Once I have accomplished what I wanted to do (usually taking about 20 minutes total) I make my journey back to where I started and begin counting back up from 1-13 and then 1-12.  Once I reach 12 I slowly open my eyes, turn off my iPod, thank my guides and great spirit for a great meditation, snuff out the flames on my candles, stretch, and move on with my day.

My meditations have taken me to some really amazing places.  I've seen lots of dead people, received many messages and visions, and even helped to heal animals and people from great distances.  It's helped me to deal with my anger and concentration issues and to gain more control of my constant stream of emotions.  The biggest piece of advice I offer to anyone looking to open themselves up more psychically or spiritually is to meditate.  To me it's the gateway to everything that's just beyond our grasp.  It's up to us to simply try and reach for it.

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