Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My first "Shamanic Journey"

I've been reading a lot about Shamanic Journeying and was really excited to try journeying on my own.  Basically when a person takes a Shamanic journey they goes into a deep meditative, or altered, state by using the help of drumming and sometimes rattling and other sounds.  Typically the person lays down or sits comfortably in the dark with their eyes closed.  They allow themselves to go into a meditative state to journey into the lower, middle, or upper world to speak with spirits, their power animal, or to find answers.  Being the explorer that I am I had to at least try to journey.

On my first journey (not too long ago) I decided to travel to the lower world to meet my power animal.  The directions I found in a wonderful book by Sandra Ingerman said to find a cave or entrance into the earth to travel through until you reach the other side.  Then try to speak to your power animal and find out what messages they have for you.

I set up my meditation space with a spot for me to rest, then I lit a few candles, said a prayer, and turned on my drumming CD.  I placed an eye mask over my eyes and started my typical routine to begin my meditations.  I relaxed my body and breathed and counted down.  I immediately found myself standing in the woods at the main entrance to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.  I excitedly ran down the stairs, walked through the doorway, and took an immediate left.  I began to follow a narrow tunnel that had torches lit high up on the walls.  After what seemed like an hour I saw sunlight and an opening to the tunnel.  I rushed to get out of the cave and found myself in a clearing in the middle of the woods, bathed in sunlight, and surrounded by beautiful green trees and purple flowers.

I looked to my right and there sat an adorable brown rabbit.  He cocked his head to the side and blinked and waited for me to speak first.  I asked him if he was my power animal.  He nodded once and sat there patiently waiting.  I thought of a question to ask him but I couldn't think of any.  I was so annoyed that I traveled all this way to find myself being at a loss for words.  I peered down at him and asked if I could sit down.  He nodded again so I sat down in front of him.

We sat there in silence for a while and I finally realized that I didn't have any questions for him because at that time I didn't need any answers.  I was doing everything I could to follow my true path, I was taking the first step to building a relationship with him and to journey, and that was all I needed to do and know at that time.  I told my rabbit friend my revelation and he nodded in agreement and twitched his nose.

A light breeze came then and blew a group of dragonflies into the clearing.  They flew above our heads inviting us to get up and move with them.  I stood immediately and looked up in awe at how beautiful these dragonflies were.  They whispered "dance with us" and that's exactly what the rabbit and I did.  We danced in a style that I had never done before.  It felt very native and tribal.  We moved to the fast beats of the drumming still playing in my ears as the dragonflies danced overhead.  I smiled and laughed and let the beats take control of my body.  I finally felt what it's like to completely lose control and it was incredible and exhilarating.  For a few moments I stopped over thinking and trying to control the situation.

The drumming eventually changed to let me know it was time to come back and we all stopped dancing.  The dragonflies flew away and the rabbit and I stood looking into each other's eyes.  He smiled and said "I hope you enjoyed your first lesson."  It was my turn to smile and nod.  I told him I enjoyed my lesson very much.  We hugged and I ran back into the tunnel and into the cave.  I ran all the way up those exhausting stairs and landed on the concrete path outside the cave, canopied by large fluffy green trees.  Then the drumming stopped and that was the end of my first journey.

I can easily say that my first journey was NOT what I was expecting.  I thought I'd travel to the lower world, find some magnificent animal like a Lion and he'd tell me all the answers I needed to know.  For a second I doubted myself because I didn't have some major happening and because it didn't go how I expected.  But then I reminded myself that nothing goes as planned and that every person's journey is different.  I thought my first journey went really well.  In fact, I thought it was phenomenal and amazing.  I remember as I ran into the tunnel to leave looking back at that clearing and waving goodbye at my new friend and teacher and thinking "I'll see you soon."  And I've done just that, many times, and it just keeps getting better and better. I'll even tell you a little secret: we dance every time.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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