Friday, January 10, 2014

Watching Dead Files

There's this show on the Travel Channel called "The Dead Files" that shows a medium named Amy and a retired Detective named Steve traveling all over the country to investigate haunted houses and businesses.  Steve does research on the area and property to see the history while Amy walks blindly into the haunted place to see what spirits she finds.  It's very suspenseful and very fascinating.  In other words, I AM OBSESSED.

Each time my husband and I watch this show, which is usually late at night when our son is asleep, the activity in our house skyrockets.  We hear voices all over the place, stomping, tapping, and toys being knocked around.  It never scares us but it can get a little tiresome when you're trying to hear the television.  I'm not entirely sure why my ghosts decide to act out when we watch this show (are they offended?!) but I do know they are definitely riled up.

The one thing I've never experienced while watching this show is seeing the dead Amy is seeing.  I actually enjoy watching someone else experiencing what I experience without the burden of seeing them too.  It's nice to see someone else in action.  

About two weeks ago my husband and I were watching a new episode of The Dead Files where Amy let a spirit enter her body so she could speak through her.  The woman was hysterical and saying over and over "I'm not right!  What happened to me?!"  It was so sad to see how distressed she was.  I was very sleepy that night and felt myself drifting in and out while the show was on.  As Amy was speaking (as the woman) I drifted off for a second and had a very sharp vision of the back of a woman's head with a huge bloody hole in the center and her brains falling out.  I jerked back to full consciousness and told my husband that the woman had been shot in the head.  Sure enough, seconds later Amy said "She was shot to death."  Later in the episode Steve discovered that several other women had been shot in the head in that home as well.  By the end of the episode I was bouncing around with excitement like a child.

To say I was excited over this vision is a huge understatement.  I have never had something that significant happen when watching "ghosts" on TV.  I know it's not something I will be able to control any time soon.  It could have just been a one time thing.  I hope to have many more of these occurrences in the future but if this was a one time thing I'll still take it.  I look at every vision and experience as a really amazing gift.  Each one is special and priceless.  And each one opens my eyes a little bit more to the unknown that I am forever trying to explore.  Truthfully, I'll take what I can get.

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