Friday, February 28, 2014


Oh, my little Jack-O-Lantern.  Jack was our family dog that we got when I was about fifteen or sixteen.  He was a Pomeranian, feisty, and loved to crawl under the backyard fence and run free all over the neighborhood.  He also had a thing for rolling in dead animals much to my disgust and horror.  He was a beautiful dog with a lovely soul that greeted me with love and enthusiasm and affection no matter how long it had been since I last visited.

The last year of his life was 2013 and I had the pleasure of spending two solid months with him.  I knew he was going to die soon the second I saw him this past summer.  His breath smelled like death and the spark in his eyes often faded in and out.  I knew he was in pain, I knew he was suffering, and I knew he was almost ready to go.

I spent all summer with him by my side.  Regardless of his aches and pains and how tired he was he always slowly made it to my room to lay at my feet.  He happily shook his tail and gave me kisses when I greeted him.  He even gave me knowing looks that almost said "I know what you can do.  Please help me.  I trust you."  I cried a lot that summer.

Every day I would sit with him and speak softly in his deaf ears and place my hands on his body to comfort him.  I'd massage his joints to help with the pain, gave him gifts of love and healing energies, and prayed for him to go peacefully and to be fully ready when the time comes for him to pass on.  He would fall asleep under my touch and would sleep peacefully for hours after each healing session.  I felt bad that I couldn't save his life but I felt reassured that I was helping him the best I could and that he understood.

I was sad to leave at the end of the summer.  I knew it was the last time I'd see Jack and cried as I hugged him and said goodbye.  About two months later (maybe less) he passed away peacefully in his sleep.  I mourned the loss of his life but I also felt reassured that I did what I could and that I helped him come to terms with moving on and starting the next phase of his life.  He was where he was meant to be.

On Halloween when I was preparing to go to sleep for the night I quickly prayed and asked to be visited in my dreams by a deceased relative.  As I stated my request I was simply thinking of a person, not an animal.  I was happily surprised to have my request granted that night and to be visited by my Jack-O-Lantern.  He happily ran through my mom's backyard, jumped into my lap and gave me kisses, and motioned for me to follow him and fly through the clouds in the sky.  We made it to my younger sister's house and he jumped into my little nephew's toddler bed.  He cuddled up next to my nephew as he slept and I heard a soft voice say "I protect him.  I never have to leave my family if I don't want to."  I was so happy to know that Jack was with us even in the afterlife.  Jack seemed pretty happy too.

I woke up the next morning with a few tears but mostly pride and happiness.  I was so proud of Jack and I was a little proud of myself for helping our family dog in his time of need.  It was almost as if by showing up in my dreams and revealing how his life is now Jack was giving me his own gift of healing energy and love.  He provided me with closure, reassurance, and the knowledge that what I do with animals is not silly but very powerful.  I still miss him every day.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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