Friday, February 21, 2014

Journeying to the middle world

As you know from an earlier post I have recently started to try shamanic journeying.  I traveled to the lower world to meet my spirit animal.  I spent weeks visiting my rabbit friend, receiving love and advice, and dancing with him under swarms of dragonflies.  After a while though I realized it was time to explore other parts and to visit other guides and build new relationships.  The last time I visited my spirit animal I explained to him that I would be gone for awhile to visit new worlds and meet new people.  He nodded in agreement, told me I was ready, and we said good bye.  The next day I tried my hand at the "middle world" which to me is like walking on this earth but being able to see all of the things we don't normally see such as spirits and other entities (and traveling much more quickly to get there).

For my first journey to the middle world I chose to go to Bodega Bay.  It's beautiful, peaceful, and I imagined it wouldn't be too crowded in the middle of January.  I began my journey after doing my usual routine of relaxing my body and counting down.  As the drums began to beat loudly in my ears I watched a hazy version of myself stand up and separate from my body.  I left my body to walk through my front door and began flying through the sunny sky all the way to the pacific coast landing right on the sand in foggy Bodega Bay.  I took a deep breath and smelled salt and water and even heard the seagulls crowing overhead.    

I closed my eyes and mentally opened myself up to see the spirits around me.  When I opened my eyes the beach was filled with people (spirits) and they were all looking at me.  I looked to my left to see Adam, my spirit guide, sitting next to me smiling.  "Well done!"  he said with a lot of enthusiasm.  He told me to look around at all of the spirits wanting to meet me, to support me, and to give me gifts of encouragement and love.  He said "It's time you acknowledge your higher calling and begin your journey head on.  There's no more resistance, only excitement and persistence."  I nodded and smiled at the hundreds of people in front of me.  

They all sat down in a semi circle in front of me waiting for me to speak.  I was so overwhelmed.  I told them I was so thankful that they came to see me, to support me, and to offer so much love.  I saw a few family members in the crowd, my two native american women, and lots of strangers.  One woman told me she found my healing abilities to be inspiring.  Another woman told me she was an animal healer and communicator just like my son and me.  An older man told me to not give up no matter how hard things will get.  I nodded and said thank you and we sat in silence for awhile.  

I've been told by many that I had a duty.  That my gifts were not given for free.  The price is to help as many living beings and spirits as possible.  To heal any being that comes my way, to never turn my back on anyone, and to know how to handle each "ghost" that decides they need to communicate.  The older I get the more I really begin to understand exactly what that means.  To give fully without anything in return is so rewarding but so exhausting.  Especially when other people don't seem to appreciate what it took for me to give them what I have to offer.  The amount of spirits that show up in crowds on a daily basis or bombard my dreams constantly begging for me to help them is tiresome and stressful.  I'm glad I can handle it and never wish that these gifts would go away.  It was reassuring to see all those people were rooting for me in the middle world.

I stood up, brushed the sand off my backside, and announced that we should all swim in the ocean.  I have a pretty big fear of swimming in the ocean but thought I might as well try since I can do almost anything when journeying.  Everyone jumped up and hooted and hollered and we all raced to the water.  It wasn't cold like it should have been and I swam with so much ease it was unbelievable even in my meditative state.  We swam and laughed and splashed one another until I heard the drum beats in my ears change telling me it was time to go back.  

I hugged Adam, thanked him and everyone else for coming, and flew back to my front door.  I walked through the door, rushed down the hallway into my bedroom, and reconnected with my body.  As the drums came to an end I opened my eyes, nodded in understanding, smiled, laughed a little, and went on with my day.  I even had an extra little bounce in my step over the next few days thanks to that particular journey.  I cannot wait to go back.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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