Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Muggling is such a funny word.  The term "Muggle" was used in Harry Potter to describe non-magical people.  A lovely woman I know refers to people that don't have the "sight" as Muggles.  She reminded me of the importance of "muggling" which to her meant doing normal people things to keep a nice balance between crossing into the spirit world and staying firmly planted in the here and now.  I took that advice very seriously.

I tend to want to stay in the shadows, a.k.a. the "other side", more than what's probably viewed as healthy.  I am comfortable there, I like what I see and experience, and I enjoy the company of spirits.  I have difficulty relating and feeling comfortable in regular situations in the normal world.  I do completely understand why it's important to muggle with people despite my hesitancy.

I spend so much time drifting, making contact with spirits, and being outside of myself that when it's time to come back to reality it's kind of difficult for me.  I sometimes resent the fact that I have to go grocery shopping, interact with others, and go to birthday parties.  I'd rather be elsewhere!  But after partaking in such activities I do end up feeling better, feeling more grounded, and feeling more connected to the people around me.  Something I so desperately need.

At least twice a month I make sure I go out, hang out with friends, and not talk about any of the things that I do.  I don't talk about the spirits standing around the room (they can wait), I don't talk about how I can see that my friend's back is hurting because her body literally glows in funky colors around the affected area,  or that I can feel her anxiety about her marriage even though she never said anything out loud about it.  I just focus on the people standing in front of me and find myself having a good time.  I think it does wonders for my sanity.

I don't think people really understand or realize the toll "shadow walking" (which is what I do) has on a person.  How it can affect you to the point that you almost never want to come back to the present world extended out in front of us.  Trying to find that balance, to maintain a sense of normality, is not exactly a walk in the park.  I can say from experience that it's definitely necessary and very beneficial though. I'm so thankful for my family and friends that put up with my weirdness and my anti social behavior.  Without them I'd be lost.  And I'll never stop muggling, no matter how silly it sounds in my head ;-)

Thank you for reading my blog.

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