Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shadow walking and having the "Shining"

I remember watching the "Shining" as an adult and smiling as the old cook told the little boy "You have the shining!" I remember thinking "so that's what you call it!"  I view people that "Shine" as having the extra abilities to perhaps know things before they happen, to see the dead, to travel on other planes, and to heal others with thoughts or their hands.  Most people that shine tend to recognize others like themselves.  I've also heard people say that people like me glow, radiate a bright white light, or simply shine.  I'm not sure if those people are referring to our auras or something else but I like the idea that I glow and shine. ;-)

People that shine have a way of finding their kin.  We seem to have a gravitational pull towards one another and seem so happy and at ease with each other even if it is our first time meeting.  There are no strangers, only an unbreakable bond that makes us smile, love one another, and find comfort in not being alone.  It's pretty spectacular to be in the presence of another person who knows exactly what you're going through and goes through it themselves.  There's comfort in knowing someone really understands the path you're on.

Another term for what I do is "Shadow Walking."  I'm sure there are many different definitions out there for this term but to me it means that I simply walk in the shadows, in the places most people don't want to be or refuse to see.  Spirits lurk in the shadows therefore I'm drawn to wherever they go, even in the darkest of places.  I view the shadows as also being the different planes that we can travel to.  Some are lovely and peaceful while others are dark, scary, and unpleasant.  Either way I don't mind.  I'm comfortable walking the shadows, going unseen, and seeing what others often refuse to see before their very eyes.  If a place is haunted I will go explore.  If I see a ghost I won't run in the other direction or hide my eyes, I walk towards it and try to figure out how I can help.  I like exploring the unknown, learning as much as I can about things I can barely understand or wrap my head around, and I like the feeling of being surrounded by spirits.  It's a feeling that I compare to being surrounded by family: welcome and accepted.  It's weird, I know.

So when someone says to me "I know what you are" or "Oh, you're a shadow walker like me" I smile to myself and picture that kind old man from the Shining and envision them really saying "You have the shining!" in that man's voice.  It makes me smile every time.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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