Friday, March 14, 2014

Germany is waiting for me

I am moving to Germany in a little over a week.  I've had six months of going back and forth about whether or not this move is a good thing for my family and me and in the end I realized and acknowledged that this move is inevitable and necessary.  I base this realization on a few factors.  Some are personal and practical and one is due to my dreams and intuition.

The first time I dreamed about my move was several months ago.  There was nothing really extraordinary about the dream.  All I remember is standing on the edge of the North American Continent and looking at rows upon rows of people standing all over Europe staring at me.  They all gave me an expectant look and I heard "We are waiting for you."

After that my European dreams became more frequent.  They were all mostly the same, just me in my safe California home and lots of dead people telling me they are waiting for me and know I'm coming.  I always got the feeling that they are waiting for me to do something or to help them in some way.  My guess is to possibly tell their story or to help them cross over but I don't really know for sure.

Ever since I found out about this move I've had this feeling of anxiety and foreboding.  Not in the way that I think something bad is going to happen, just a "I know I'm in for some major things" and "Things are about to get intense" sort of way.  I compare it to when I was about to walk into Waverly Hills Sanatorium for an overnight stay (I'll write about that in another post).  I knew I was safe and that nothing bad would happen but I was so nervous and freaked out because I knew I was going to be bombarded by spirits.  In truth how could I NOT be bombarded in a place like Europe?  The place is so old and full of so much ancient history I would be shocked if I wasn't approached more often than I am in California.

My dreams haven't stopped and have even progressed to a certain degree.  I always get the "We're waiting for you" and "We know you're coming" nonsense but now I'm being visited by individuals more regularly.  In one dream I was house hunting in Germany and actually saw the place we will end up living.  I also saw three different spirits that reside there currently.  One, oddly enough, was a Korean woman who is very distressed and doesn't speak a word of English.  How she ended up there I'll never know.  I spent the better part of my night trying to calm her down and help her.  The language barrier made for a very stressful night and resulted in me waking up exhausted and sleepy.

The most memorable dream I had over the past few months was when I visited Hitler's hospital in Berlin.  I've never been to Germany and I had never heard of Hitler's hospital.  In this dream I was visiting Berlin and a couple of people had heard about me and asked me to come to this unnamed decrepit place to test my abilities.  I agreed to come and showed up with an open mind.  Upon walking through the doorway I was given a very lengthy and elaborate vision of a beautiful and lavish establishment where men in Nazi uniforms roamed the hallways and even played gambling games like "craps" on the main floor.  I saw a huge staircase and intricate designs throughout the place.  It was a beautiful place but the second I tried to walk around and explore I was flooded with the thickest of feelings.  It meant death and despair.

I walked every inch of that place that night and communicated with nazi soldiers and patients that had severe mental issues and the entire time I heard my guide, Adam, constantly say "This is who you are.  This is what you are.  Embrace this side of yourself.  You are needed here."  I took his message as meaning that I am meant to go to Germany and visit these places to not only help the deceased but to also bridge the gap for non-believers or family members of the deceased that need closure.  It was in that instant that I really understood what I'm in for when I make this big move to another country.

When I awoke from that dream at the creepy, yet beautiful, hospital I got up and Googled "Hitler's Hospital" which is the name I was given by my spirit guide.  I was immediately shown pictures of familiar images of the place I spent my night in.  It is also referred to as "Beelitz Heilstatten".  I was excited to find that this place actually existed and that once again my visions were real.  I am now looking forward to visiting it when I'm awake.

Who knows what adventures, or misadventures, I will find myself in once I'm there?  All I know is that my work is never done, I have a lifetime of growth and learning and practice ahead of me, and I know that living in Germany will be the big push that I need.  Stay tuned for hopefully some pretty incredible stories.....

Thank you for reading my blog.

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