Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My driving companions

I know in the past I've written about my "man friend" and my native american "grandmothers."  They are my most consistent companions who stay with me on a regular basis.  I also have a handful of spirits that come and go fairly often that I also refer to as my companions.  There are two that really come to mind that only show up when I'm driving.  Weird, I know.

I call them my "drifter friends" because they don't seem to really go anywhere.  Day in and day out like clockwork this man and woman show up every time I drive my car to Grass Valley (the next town over).  They show up in the back seat, usually when my son isn't in the car, and they spend their time looking out the back side windows or staring at me in the rear view mirror.  They never show emotion, their eyes look vacant and almost dead, and they appear to be filthy and greasy.

A few times I have greeted them but most of the time we ride in silence.  They always disappear before I make it all the way into town and they always reappear when I begin my trek back up the country highway.  They seem content to ride like this and I don't mind the company.

I don't tell many people about my drifter friends.  A few times they've shown up even when others are in the car with me (sorry, mom!).  I feel like I'm betraying them by announcing their appearance to others.  I get the impression that they enjoy the silence, the relaxing drive, and possibly my company.  I've also come to the realization that they aren't "haunting" me but are somehow attached or stuck to that particular highway.  Maybe they died there, but I don't really know.  Whatever their reason for being there I find it rude to ask.  I know that once I leave this town and move away I will never see them again.  I know I'll think about them from time to time and I'll probably even wonder what car they will be riding in now.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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