Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Chicken Spirit

I volunteer at a local farm animal sanctuary close to my home.  I spend a lot of my time with the chickens and turkeys and wasn't surprised when I had a vision last week about one of the chickens dying.  I was sitting on the couch with my husband trying not to fall asleep late last Saturday night.  I closed my eyes for only a few seconds and was immediately flooded with an image of a white leghorn hen lying dead in the hay in the barn.  I opened my eyes and told my husband what I saw.  I knew it wasn't by chance that I saw this.  I knew one of the chickens was going to die, and soon.

The next day I emailed a friend who also happens to work at the farm.  I'm ashamed to say that I told a small lie by telling her that I had a "dream" instead of being truthful and saying I had a vision.  I still struggle with being completely candid with friends and family due to fear of them thinking I'm lying or being freaked out by the fact that I have "visions" or see dead people and animals.  I asked my friend to please let me know if any white leghorn hens passed away and sure enough she told me they had lost two that week.  When she told me which barn they came from I knew neither of them was the hen I had seen.  I knew this one was going to happen when I was there and I really didn't want to have to see that.

I came in on my regular day not really thinking anymore about the hen and started my shift as usual by walking to the barn that houses the chickens and turkeys.  I sat with the turkeys for a few minutes and then got up to begin my day by helping administer medication to some of the ill hens.  I walked through the doorway and noticed something unusual.  Sure enough there was that sad little white leghorn hen lying dead looking exactly as I had seen her in my vision.

I stood there staring, slightly disoriented from seeing my vision in real time and also from the uncomfortable thick feeling I had from being around death.  My friend came in at that moment and collected the hen and walked out of the barn to take her to a place where her body will wait to be buried.  I stood there alone staring at the place where her body had just rested.  I felt the nausea, dizziness, and headache coming on that told me the hen was still there in spirit.  I opened myself up to see her and as plain as day I saw her standing there looking at me with sad eyes.

I understood right away that she held on and stayed with her body because she wanted to make sure she was found.  She also made it clear that she liked the woman that collected her and had hoped it was her that would find her.  I cried a few tears for her, expressed my love and sadness for her loss, and told her both out loud and inside my mind that it was ok to go now, that we found her and her body will be safe and protected.  Out loud I said a quick "Go on.  It's all going to be ok.  Go where you're needed now" all the while trying to fight the tears from falling anymore and keeping the nausea at bay.  Within seconds she was gone, finally at peace, and my awful symptoms subsided.

I took a deep breath, closed myself back up, and began my day.  A few times I looked back at the spot where that beautiful hen once stood and fought back tears.  It never gets easy watching animals die and cross over no matter how many times I see it.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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