Friday, April 18, 2014

My New (Temporary) Haunted House

Yep.  This is my new temporary house.  Isn't it pretty great?  I get to live here until my son and I get to reunite with my husband and officially become residents of Germany.  Until then I am living it up in a pretty old and pretty cool house.

I found this house online while looking for a place to rent.  In fact, it was the first house I came upon and the only house I wanted.  I called immediately and spoke with the realty company who was acting as property manager.  I made an appointment for my mother to visit the house in my place since I was driving across the country from California.  Not long after my mom viewed the house she called me and said "You will love it.  It's incredible.  And by the way, it's very very haunted."  Awesome.

Fast forward to a few days later when I arrived in Kentucky and am walking through the front door to do a walk through of my new place (before signing the contract).  I explored every nook and cranny of that place and each time I'd simply sigh and point in the direction of each spirit I saw and my mom would nod in agreement and understanding.  She has the gift too.  I was dying for the Realtor to get the heck out of the house so my mom and I could discuss.  This house was VERY populated by the dead.

Eventually the realtor did leave and all I could say was "Wow."  I didn't really know what to do.  I had a man upstairs (who I will write about very soon) that didn't want to leave and five or six others residing in the basement.  To be honest I was feeling pretty uneasy about being in the house alone.

I spent the entire day moving the furniture my family is lending me into the house and trying to unpack what little things I had with me.  My mom stayed with me until 2:00 am helping me get the house together while my son stayed the night with his cousin (after crying about how much he hated the house because of the ghosts).  When my mom left I put my big girl panties on and shakily walked into each room of the house and the basement and delivered a very short speech to the spirits stating that we can make this work since I'm only here for a short time.  I promised I wouldn't make them leave if they promised to respect our need for privacy and if they promised to stay away from my son, my animals, me and any visitors I had.  I promised to keep my distance from the man upstairs and the people in the basement and I wouldn't renovate the house or disrupt things too much.  In return for their respect and space, of course.  Immediately the feelings of anxiety and doom and gloom dissipated and it's been good ever since.  I occasionally get glimpses of the man upstairs and of the people in my basement but they usually keep their space.  My son hasn't mentioned ghosts in the house since either.  Even my cats won't go in the basement (especially at night) which seems to work out for everyone.

I know a lot of people would scold me for not making them leave, for allowing spirits in my home.  But I'm all about being respectful.  If we can live together peacefully then why not try?  I'm still new to all of this and still learning but I can tell when I'm in danger or not.  I feel no major threat from the spirits I encounter.  Most just need a level of understanding and acknowledgement that they don't usually get.  And just like a lot of people they need me to establish boundaries so we can coexist in a peaceful way.  I enjoy the feeling and company of the dead.  I just prefer it be on my own terms.  So far they don't seem to mind that either.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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