Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Plains Hotel

Our move to Germany has officially hit a few snags.  We showed up to the airport ready to go and were stonewalled because of a mix up with scheduling our animals to fly.  In the end we weren't able to fly that day and we now have to wait a few months for another slot to open up for our animals.  My husband and I decided to drive from California (where we just sold our house) to all the way to Kentucky where our families live.  So that's exactly what we did.  The day we were supposed to be arriving in Germany we were driving across the country to our hometown so my son and I could stay for a few months with our four pets and so my husband could go on to set up a house and prepare for our arrival in Germany.  I already have a few stories to tell about my adventures in Kentucky and I've only been here for two weeks!  More on all that in later posts.

During our travels my husband found a cool hotel in Wyoming called the "Plains Hotel".  I had no idea what it was or how old it was until we pulled up to the curb.  As I took in the entirety of the hotel I sighed loudly knowing that this was going to be a busy night for me.  It was practically vibrating with all the energy and spirits residing in the building.  I took a deep breath to prepare myself and walked in to check us in for the night.

The lobby wasn't so bad.  In fact, it was beautiful and lively and not cluttered with the dead at all.  There was a group of hipster looking people sitting around an old piano while an older woman played some music sounding like it came from the 1940's.  The ceiling was adorned with a beautiful glass display of the solar system and there were little bits of history and art all around.  I was completely digging the place.

Once I checked us in and got our keys my husband, son, pets, and I stood in front of the elevator and pressed the button.  As the bell went "Ding" and the doors slid open all I could say was "Oh hell."  That elevator was crowded already.  Unfortunately I was the only one who could see or feel them.  The space was so tight (even if the spirits weren't in there) that we could only go one at a time.  My husband and son went first and I nervously waited for my turn.  Eventually the doors opened once again and I reluctantly walked in.

I stood there barely breathing waiting for something to happen.  I felt all of their eyes on me (five pairs in all) and they seemed to be waiting for me to react.  I stood up straighter and pushed my shoulders back and quietly whispered to them that I could see them and feel them and that their presence didn't bother me.  I politely asked them to give my family and me some space that night since we needed our rest and they seemed to understand and appeared to be willing to oblige.  I left the elevator and was overcome once again by that familiar feeling of spirits being all around.

As I took each step closer to my room the feelings of dizziness, nausea, head pain, and feeling disoriented became stronger and stronger.  By the time I crossed the threshold of our room I felt like I was walking on clouds (and slightly drunk).  I sat down on the end of the bed to quiet my mind and watched my dog react to a spirit standing in the corner.  I looked around the large room to find three more spirits standing around watching my family and me.  I asked my husband to take our son downstairs to get us something to drink and the second they left the room I stood up and dealt with everyone.

I used my most assertive inner voice and internally asked all of them to leave the room, to give us space, and to respect our need for privacy and rest.  I said I appreciate them visiting and acknowledging that they knew I could see them but I just don't have the energy to deal with it tonight.  I watched them disappear and by the time my husband and son returned they were gone and I was starting to feel normal again.

We left the hotel room that night several times to go to dinner, walk the dog, stock up on drinks, etc and each time I left that room I was overcome all over again by those feelings.  They were literally congregating in the hallway around our room.  But they never step foot back into the room and as we walked by them each time they took a step back.  Each time I went into the elevator they stayed in there with me but tried to give me space.  Before I left I asked if they minded if I took a picture of the beautiful (and slightly creepy) elevator and they gave me the ok.  Below is the picture I took from that night.

The more experienced I become with all this the more amazed I find myself.  I was pleasantly surprised that I could see so many at one time.  I was thrilled that when I asked to be given space they obliged.  And the more frequent these occurrences become the more I accept them as just a part of my daily life.  It reinforces why I feel like I am one of the luckiest people alive.

Thank you for reading my blog. 

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