Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Things That Affect Psychics, Mediums, and Empaths

 I am asked quite frequently how a person can become more open and develop their own gifts as a psychic, medium, empath, etc.  My suggestions are pretty basic because to be honest the actions to work towards such a goal is really quite simple.  At the top of my list is always meditation.  The one thing I’m never asked and that I very rarely approach is the long list of things that can hinder a person’s progress in leading a more spiritual life.  I could always offer the list to the inquiring individuals but I’m afraid it would be a bit of information overload.  Luckily I have a blog where I can post such pieces of information in hopes that they reach those interested in furthering their abilities.

Life is full of distractions, negativity, and tons of other things that keep us from leading spiritual lives.  Heck, stress and anxiety is one of the most common things people say that ails them.  Not good.  How can anyone concentrate, silence their minds, and be reached by a spiritual presence when all that noise and internal stress is swirling around?  Not many, that’s for sure.

It’s pretty difficult to eliminate everything, but limiting some even a little bit can drastically make a difference.  Here is my list of things that can affect your spiritual path, your sanity, and prevents you from finding internal and external peace and well-being:

v  The News and News Papers
v  Excessive use of Television
v  Violent Movies
v  Excessive use of Cell phones
v  Excessive use of Computers
v  Excessive use of Social media sites
v  Surrounding yourself with negative people
v  Not following your intuition/heart
v  Allowing people to take advantage of you
v  Turning your back to injustices you witness
v  Not owning a companion animal
v  Video games
v  Drugs, smoking, alcohol
v  Lack of exercise
v  Lack of meditating
v  Unhealthy diet
v  Lack of essential nutrients
v  Inability or failure to notice the beauty around you
v  Music with cussing, loud booming noises, and screaming
v  Factory Farmed meat, dairy, and eggs
v  Pollution
v  Sleep Deprivation
v  Unresolved Anger issues

It’s unrealistic to expect most of us to live like saints but we can all strive to be better individuals.  I always recommend meditating daily, volunteering regularly, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, and performing acts of kindness on a daily basis.  Those acts alone could be the change in your life you need that helps open the gates to your own spiritual awakening.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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