Friday, August 22, 2014

Burning Messages

I began a lovely ritual a few years ago after speaking with a friend of mine.  She asked me what I knew and thought about a ritual where people wrote down a message, request, or prayer on a piece of paper and then burned it.  I had never done it before but did some research and responded to her that I thought it was a good idea and had the potential to be very effective.  After that conversation I began burning messages every month under the full moon.

I kept track of the moon cycle to know when a full moon was coming.  Doing any work under and during a full moon can be very powerful.  I wrote a prayer on a sheet of paper asking to keep my family safe during our move, to please help my house sell, and a few other things that were weighing heavy on my heart and were important to me.  I carefully folded the paper a few times and set it on fire on my back porch.  I sat under the full moon and said a prayer as the paper slowly burned to ashes.  It was a very meaningful and empowering moment.  I felt a release of my worries and felt hope that things would be ok.

After that first time I was hooked.  I burn messages every month.  I try not to make the prayers trivial and make an effort to make sure that what I'm asking is of importance and comes from a good place.  I conclude each burning session with three meaningful thank you's.

I've had my prayers' answered many times and other times not so much.  I don't dwell on the things that don't happen.  I am just grateful that I have a special way to release my worries, hopefully have my prayers heard, and to also honor the full moon and its power.  My ritual is important to me but I also love that once the paper is burned and gone it is out of my hands.  I love that I don't know what will happen tomorrow, next Tuesday, or in a year.  Regardless of what we believe in, rituals can be a soothing and beautiful thing.  I plan to keep mine going forever.

Thank you for reading my blog.


  1. You totally have me hooked! I can say with 100 percent accuracy that it totally works, this changed my life for the better! Thanks my dear!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and for reading my blog! :-)