Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The African Man

I had a little visitor a few days ago.  I guess that statement isn't exactly a surprising one.  How many times do I say that to my husband, I wonder?  Anyway, my visitor was a surprise to me and he did not want to leave.  He followed me into my house when I let my dog back in from using the bathroom outside right before bed.  He walked up the stairs behind me and went to explore my office while I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.  I was so tired I actually forgot he was in the house when I went to bed.  I fell asleep almost immediately and then began having a lucid dream.

I was halfway in-between dream state and being awake.  I watched this ancient African man creepily saunter into my bedroom and then crawl onto the bed and lay on top of me.  He propped his face up on his hands with his elbows digging into my legs.  He sat there for hours simply gazing into my face and smiling.  I asked him many times why he was here and what did he want?  He would just continue to grin and every now and then would say "You are just so cute, my dear" in his thick accent.

He was so real to me that I could feel his body on top of me and I could smell his breath and his body.  His breath smelled rotten as if he had been throwing up and his body smelled of burning wood and cedar.  I sat there all night unable to move.  I was so tired and frustrated that I was unable to make him leave.  I ended up just laying there all night with my eyes closed, trying to ignore him, until morning.

Finally I heard my husband walk through the front door, coming home from work.  The man sat up and looked in the direction of the stairs.  He peered back at me with mischievous eyes and whispered "Time for me to go."  And just like that he left.  I have a feeling that I will see more of that creepy African man.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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