Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Man in the Closet

My short stay in Kentucky while my husband was finding us a house in Germany was full of drama.  Not the normal drama you would think.  More like "Spirit" drama.  The first day I walked into the house I rented for that short time I knew it was inhabited by a couple of spirits.  The most powerful and worrisome spirit was a man who lived in my spare bedroom closet.  It was not good.

As I was doing the initial "walk-through" prior to moving in I opened the closet door and just about choked.  The closet was so thick and so awful that I could barely breathe.  I also realized that I couldn't and wouldn't step foot in that closet.  That man did not want me in there.  At all.  I also immediately got an impression of a male hanging from a noose in that closet.  I told my mom (who was with me) that this guy died of a suicide and was very unhappy we were in his house.  She could feel him too.

The first few weeks were very stressful for me being in the presence of that man.  I had to keep a chair propped against the door to keep the door closed and even then he'd find a way to shove the door open despite the heaviness and resistance.  The animals avoided that room like the plague and I often felt like I needed to sleep with one eye open at night to make sure he didn't come near my son and me.

I went in there a few times and talked to him.  He stayed in his closet and I sat down on the floor of the empty room.  I calmly explained why I was there, how long I'd be in the house, and I promised I wouldn't bother him if he left us alone.  He never responded but I knew he heard me.

One of my best friends came to visit one day (she's also a medium) and immediately picked up on him.  She knew he suffocated somehow since he was giving off the feeling of not being able to breathe.  She also knew he was male and where he was located.  She validated a lot for me that day and it was reassuring to know I wasn't the only one experiencing him.

That night after my friend left I sat down on the floor in that room to perform a tarot reading for a friend of mine.  My dog walked up to the doorway of the room and stopped just short of the threshold.  She began barking and growling and became very anxious.  I fussed at her and tried to shoo her away since I had work to do.  Before I was done with my reading I heard my dog yelp and fall down the stairs.  I was so consumed with my reading that I didn't even notice the man walk out of the room.  I knew he pushed her.

I ran down the stairs and picked her up and carried her back up the stairs.  She was shaking and frightened so I put her on my bed and covered her with a warm blanket.  I put my tarot cards up, turned the light out in the spare room, and grabbed the dog to go back downstairs and away from the man so I could think more clearly.

I stood at the top of the stairs and as I began to make my first step down  I felt a soft push and found myself falling down the stairs with my dog in my arms.  I was so stunned and frightened I didn't know what to do.  I checked the dog over to make sure she was ok and then sat on the couch and called my mom.  She of course didn't know what to do or say but at least I could hear her comforting voice.  After I got off the phone I decided I was going to call two friends of mine who crosses spirits over to help me get rid of this man.  I stayed up way too late that night putting off the inevitable of having to go to sleep up stairs.

Before bed that night I walked up stairs slowly and went into the spare bedroom.  I scolded and reprimanded the man because we had a deal.  I never messed with him and if he didn't like something I was doing he needed to try to communicate with me without physical force.  I propped the chair up against the closet door, shut the bedroom door tightly, and went to bed.

The next day my friends came over to help cross the annoying man upstairs.  They walked up the stairs and into that bedroom.  I opened the closet door and they both started nodding.  They could feel him too.  We sat down on the bedroom floor looking into the empty closet and waiting.  One of my friends sat there silently doing what she does best.  She confirmed it was a suicide but said that he wasn't a man but a teenage boy who was very frightened and upset.  Eventually she was able to cross him over to the other side.  The feelings of doom and heaviness were immediately lifted and I felt so much better.  I will be forever grateful to those two women.

That night I walked through the entire house and saged every inch of it.  I wanted all negative and residual energy gone.  Afterwords I slept beautifully.  And ever since that day the house felt so much lighter and wonderful.  My brief time with the man in my closet was a huge eye opener.  I had never experienced a spirit that negative and powerful before.  I learned that I need to protect myself better and to be more practical in thinking that spirits can hurt you no matter how nice you are.  Lesson definitely learned!

After I moved out and flew to Germany I wondered if I should have left a note for the homeowners saying "Got rid of your ghost.  You're welcome."  ;-)

Thank you for reading my blog.

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