Friday, September 5, 2014

Am I crazy??

I get asked a lot by random people "How do you know you're not just crazy and making all this ghosty stuff up??"  Trust me, there are times I question my sanity.  There are many times that I ask myself "is this my imagination or is this real?"  It can really mess with a person's head.  It really can.  Luckily, I've made a habit to put myself out there for free readings in exchange for honest feedback.  The results have been reassuring and a real eye opener.

One of the main things I love to do is a reading to find out what spirits are around a person.  I find it a fun way to practice and flex my "other worldy" muscles.  I sit down in my office alone, light a few candles, say a prayer, and then ask to be in contact with the spirits around a specific person.  Like clockwork hazy images begin to appear until they become more and more clear.  I pick up their clothes, facial features, hair styles, and even their smells.  I hear the messages they wish to pass along to the person I'm reading for and I write it all down.  Every last detail.  When I'm done communicating I thank them three times and blow the candles out.  After my session I sit down at my computer and type out every thing I wrote down and sometimes things that come to me well after the reading.  Then I click the send button for the reading to be delivered to the person I read for and wait (sometimes impatiently) for a reply.

Here's a secret I don't usually share.  I check my email constantly to see if I've received a response from the people I read for.  I am dying to know what they say.  Who did I really see?  Did I actually communicate with someone they recognize?  Even better is when these people identify who I saw and then send me a picture.  Do you know how reassuring that is?!  It's an incredible feeling.  Not only am I able to offer closure, peace, and understanding for someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one, I am able to receive a gift of my own.  The gift of knowing I'm not crazy.  I get validation.  It's something I need from time to time.

I absolutely love what I do.  I would gladly do it all day every day if I could.  It feeds my soul, it comforts me, and it has brought me closer to being a more spiritual and compassionate version of myself that I've always wanted to be.  The fact that I can be given occasional validation from the people I read for is better than any amount of money on the planet.  It's like winning the lottery.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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