Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Burg Lichtenburg

Burg Lichtenberg is an 800 year old castle.  It’s surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and adorable villages.  Part of the castle is in ruins but a good portion of it is still standing tall and proud.  The last thing on my mind as my family and I pulled up to this impressive structure was communicating with spirits.  I was just so happy to be in the presence of a castle.  A real live castle, for goodness sake!  We spent the better part of an hour roaming around outside looking into windows, running our hands along the stone walls, and just looking up in awe.  We took picture after picture to document that we actually saw a place as amazing as this.  It was a good day.

            Towards the end of our time at the castle my husband and son decided to go inside the castle’s extremely tall tower while I waited outside with our dog, Winky.  After what seemed like an hour they finally hollered from high above and waved from a tiny window at the very top of the tower.  Not long after that it was my turn to enter.  I climbed one staircase and found myself in a square stuffy room with no windows.  There was another staircase leading to the next floor in the corner.  I heard a small voice in my mind whisper “See who’s here.”  I stood very still, closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and opened my mind.  Immediately I saw a teenage girl cowering under the stairs.  There was something physically and mentally wrong with her.  She was so disfigured in her face that I had a hard time not cringing.  She shook with fear and her mental state seemed confused and snarly.  I averted my eyes almost immediately. 

            Before too long I felt two spirits, one man and one woman standing behind me.  It appeared that all the spirits in the tower came from the same time period.  They all wore dirty clothes that looked to be the texture of burlap.  The clothes were old colors that looked similar to green and reds but were faded.  Their hair was matted, their faces looked dirty and sweaty, and their eyes looked like they had lived for centuries and had seen so much pain and suffering.  They simply stood there wondering who I was.  They were surprised I could see and sense them.  They were curious about how that was even possible.  Before I could answer them a group of school girls came running in the room making noise and giggling.  Within an instant the spirits were gone and what was replaced was an annoyingly large amount of noise from the girls.  I sighed and quickly walked up the next flight of stairs.  To increase the distance between them and myself I walked up an extra two more flights.

            Three more spirits were lingering and waiting for me on the fourth floor.  One stood in the corner and two stood in the center of the room.  They weren’t frightened, annoyed, or even curious.  They were simply observing me.  I nodded at them with a slight smile on my face to show respect and to acknowledge that I do see them and continued on my way.  I made it all the way to the top of the tower, short of breath and all.  I looked out of the tower, yelled at my son and husband below and waved as I smiled down at them.  I carefully pulled my upper body and head back inside, turned around, and began my long walk down the many staircases.  As I passed each floor I waved at each spirit and told them we would meet again.  I eventually reached the door and met my family back outside under the clear blue sky and warm sunlight to enjoy the rest of the beautiful day.

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