Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My First Holocaust Spirits

I knew it was only a matter of time.  I have been waiting for months to see my first spirit dating back to the Holocaust.  It's not like I'm morbid and insensitive.  I don't enjoy the fact that people suffered and experienced something absolutely horrendous.  But for someone like me, who can see spirits of all kinds, to see something such as a person from that time period and area it can be incredibly humbling.

The first day I saw them, the spirits from the Holocaust I mean, I was swimming laps at the local indoor pool.  The building is made up of floor to ceiling windows with gorgeous views of the woods.  As I was swimming I heard a voice inside my head say "Stop.  Look outside."  It was Adam, my spirit guide.  I did as he requested.  I began treading water and allowed my eyes to focus on what was outside.  As I began to realize what I was actually seeing my heartbeat and breath began to quicken.  There they were, three people standing there completely naked and as pale and sick as they could be.  They were so pale that they looked almost like they belonged in a black and white film from the 1920's.  Their hair was matted to their heads; their eyes were dark and sunken in their gaunt faces; their bones protruded from their bodies at sickening points.  They were terrifying, sad, and they were so haunting to look at.

They just stood there watching me.  They seemed curious but mostly tired and distressed.  I stayed put in that pool swimming, shaking, and gasping for air.  I silently said "I can't do this right now.  This isn't the time." and tried my hardest to gather my composure and began swimming laps again.  About 30 seconds later I glanced behind me and saw that they were gone.

I saw them two days later when I was hiking in the Palatine Forest behind my house.  I was walking with my dog on the muddy trail and suddenly felt the hairs on my body stand on end.  Goosebumps popped up all over my arms and legs and I instantly knew.  I knew they were back.  I turned around and saw a group of them, maybe 8 or 10, standing on the trail surrounded by the beautiful trees and the cold wind blowing their wet hair in their faces.  Most of them were naked but a few had what looked like burlap sacks covering their bodies.  They all just stood there staring at me.  There was no hope in their eyes, only a blank darkness that only severe trauma can cause.  I silently asked them what they wanted.  We stood there for a long time in complete silence while I waited for one of them to answer me.  They never did.  Finally I let out a long sigh, turned around, and continued my hike up the hill.

After that last occurrence I began to see them everywhere.  Sometimes there are only a few and other times there is a large group.  They range in ages from teenagers to senior citizens.  They follow me when I walk in the woods, they watch me through my kitchen window when I cook dinner, and they stand there silently observing as I swim my laps at the pool.  They have never spoken a word to me.  I often wonder if they are just curious about what I am or if they are trying to seek my help.  I eventually got used to their haunting appearance and now greet them with a grim half smile to acknowledge that yes, I do see them.  To have such a terrifying piece of history follow me around like this is something I never expected.  It's surreal, depressing, stressful, but also something else.  Not exactly touching, but it has opened my eyes.  I'm just in awe; humbled.  I hope that eventually I can figure out what it is that they need or how I can help them.  In the meantime I suppose I will continue having these sightings and just be patient until they are ready to communicate with me.

Thank your for reading my blog.

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  1. Wow!! Curious to hear what comes of this! I've always been drawn to the stories of the Holocaust.. I visited the Holocaust museum in Washington DC last year & have never felt sadness like that.. It was a very sad & sickening time :( keep us updated!