Monday, September 8, 2014

My House in California

My house in California was very haunted.  I didn't realize it right away but over time it became more and more apparent.  It started off with me waking up to various spirits in my bedroom.  They would either be standing over me, pacing my room, standing in the doorway, or even covering me with a blanket (no joke).  One kid even jumped on top of me in an attempt to scare me.  FYI, it did.

Over time my husband began seeing a woman spirit all over the house.  He'd fall asleep late at night watching tv and would wake up to her standing in front of the television, blocking whatever was playing on the screen.  He would often wake up to find her face mere inches from his.  He was very unsettled by this, and rightfully so.

Eventually we began to hear a lot of noise coming from my son's bedroom every night.  We would hear loud conversations.  They were so loud that we would have to mute the television to wait for them to be done.  We would hear toys being knocked around, things falling on the floor, knocking, stomping, and even a loud boom which sent us running in there to make sure our son didn't fall off the top bunk of his bed (he hadn't).  We even heard voices on the baby monitor that my son would answer in his sleep.  No matter how many times we'd run into his room to catch them we could never find them.  They were quick, mischievous, and didn't want to be caught.  It felt like a continuous game to test our sanity.

After enduring this for two years my husband finally asked our next door neighbors about the history of our house.  Our neighbors were an elderly couple that had lived next to the house since it was built.  It turned out that a woman had hung herself in our bedroom years ago.  We were also informed that the entire community was know for its paranormal activity.  In other words, everyone's houses were haunted.  That was just part of living here.  We were relieved to know we weren't alone but also became more concerned with how to help the spirits.  Were they stuck here and miserable?

I was never able to get rid of the woman.  I never saw her.  She only came to my husband.  I was able to help the other spirits leave by simply speaking out loud at night to what felt like thick air.  Eventually they left and by the time we moved out of our house the activity had been reduced to almost nothing.  When we sold our house I was tempted to leave a note for the new owners explaining about the woman but then decided against it.  They probably wouldn't have believed me anyway.

Thank your for reading my blog.

***Picture above was taken by me of my front yard in California a few years back.  I always thought it looked like a scene from a Hitchcock movie.

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