Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Holbrooke Hotel

I lived in Nevada County, California for three years.  It's where I had my full spiritual awakening and will always be what I consider my true home.  The entire county was built on top of the most profitable gold mines in the country.  To say the area is full of history is an understatement.  Each town has its own historic district where you are taken back in time to the 1800's.  Each street is lined with original buildings from the gold rush that are so gorgeous to behold.  They are also all incredibly haunted.  My favorite haunted establishment to visit was the Holbrooke Hotel (pictured below) in Grass Valley.   

I remember the first time I set foot in that place.  It was a week after my family and I moved there and we were walking around the historic district of Grass Valley.  The hotel caught my eye and I dragged my husband and son all the way there insisting that it would be worth it.  We walked through the doorway and became transported back in time to the 1800's.  Everything appeared to be original (including a beautiful antique piano and a cash register) and the smell I love so much that says "I have history."  I loved the place instantly.  We ate lunch in their small restaurant nestled around a small table on their back patio. Before the food came I politely asked where the restroom was so that I could wash my hands before eating.  They pointed in the direction of a staircase and said it was located in the basement.  I smiled broadly knowing what I would find down there and practically ran down the stairs.  I came to a halt at the landing and found myself surrounded by brick walls, an old elevator, and five surprised spirits.

We stood there face to face for what seemed like forever.  At that time in my life I wasn't able to speak to them so I smiled, waved, and entered the bathroom to wash my hands.  Two women spirits followed me and watched.  The bathroom looked like a dungeon with two bizarre looking doors with archways and ancient looking locks.  I knew more spirits were behind those doors.  I finished my business, walked back out of the bathroom and stood there for a little while longer.  I wanted to soak up the feeling of being in the presence of spirits.  I guess you could say it's an adrenaline rush, something I really enjoy.

I walked up the steps with wobbly legs and sat down with my family.  I eventually told my husband what happened down there and after that we became regular patrons at the Holbrooke Hotel, eating meals there whenever we could just so we could go down in the basement and say hello to the spirits.  I even brought friends and family that visited us to the hotel if they showed interest in experiencing spirits.  Most of them were not disappointed.

There are so many places in that area of Northern California that are full of spirits.  Truthfully, they are everywhere.  You just have to know where to look.  I often miss being able to visit the Holbrooke Hotel and the spirits that reside there.  I wonder if my spirit friends miss me too...

Thank you for reading my blog.

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