Friday, October 3, 2014

Dealing With Skeptics

Most people are surprised when they find out that I do what I do.  Believe it or not I actually don't broadcast that I "See Dead People" to most people I encounter.  Due to my husband's job we move around a lot which means I am constantly trying to make new friends, am meeting new acquaintances, and am introduced to numerous parents of kids my son has befriended.  The whole medium thing just doesn't come up.  Nor do I really care to bring it up to these people.  You just never know how they will react.  I don't want to be labeled as the crazy delusional mom right off the bat!

I encounter a lot of skeptics and flat out non believers a lot.  People surprise me every day.  Some individuals are so open minded and accepting that it's a huge relief when they bring it up.  Others are so turned off by the idea that they are either extremely insulting or they just refuse to even acknowledge it.

The people that are offensive and make comments of me being delusional, lying, or crazy I have learned to let the remarks roll off my back.  To be honest, I could care less if they believe me.  I'm not here to recruit.  It doesn't affect me either way if these people believe me.  I do what I do not to earn attention and have everyone believe me.  I do it because I view it as a god given gift that is extremely important that I put to good use.  That's all that really matters, right?

I have many family members and friends that see my posts on Facebook or my blog and they simply ignore them.  I don't mind that either.  I try not to be in everyone's faces about it and I really don't talk about it much in my every day life either.  The ones that avoid the subject altogether are the people that I completely avoid making any references to about seeing spirits.  Even if there are spirits standing right next to them I mostly won't say a word.  I stay quiet to avoid confrontation, to avoid offending them, and to avoid any uncomfortable situations.  If they want to mention it then great.  If not, that's perfectly fine too.

The hardest part about dealing with skeptics and those who totally ignore what I do is the occasional instances where I have a spirit contact me specifically to pass on a message to the living person.  I have no choice but to pass on this message to the skeptic.  It's my duty to do that whether they like it or not.  I can't turn my back on situations like that no matter how crazy I may look.  Depending on the situation I might give the person the choice whether or not they want this message.  I might say "Hey, I saw your relative in a dream and they had a message for you.  Please let me know if you'd like to know what they had to say."  I still am surprised when they deny the chance to know.  How can you turn down the chance to hear from a loved one who passed on?  I 'll never understand it.  But it's not my job to understand so I let it go.

It used to hurt my feelings when family, friends, and even strangers were rude, non believing, or wouldn't even acknowledge that I see spirits, but not anymore.  I feel I've matured and realized the bigger picture.  It's not about my ego or theirs.  It's about helping others to not only find closure but to explore what else is out there and to become more in tune with their spiritual selves.  The fact that I regularly see the dead is simply who I am.  It's a heavy burden at times and other times it's icing on the cake of an already pretty incredible life I feel I have.  That's all I could ever ask for.

For those of you who are curious but afraid to ask (or skeptical but would like to still ask questions): Please, ask me anything.   I love talking about this stuff.  I will answer every question you have without being bothered or offended.  No question is off limits.  I welcome it, so bring it on ;-)

Thank you for reading my blog.

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