Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How exactly do I offer readings and healing sessions online?

Now that I've made myself a little more available for readings and healing sessions I have received many emails from people curious about how I am able to offer my services online.  I think most people envision a tarot card reading taking place in a smoky room with a table draped with silky cloth and lots of candles.  While I totally dig that kind of scene I have learned to take a more solitary approach with doing what I do.  Because I've always lived thousands of miles away from friends and family I started to think creatively on how to provide readings and practice from a distance.  I realized almost instantly that in order to be effective, accurate, and reach others I don't HAVE to be face to face with them.  How awesome is that?!

When I read for someone, whether it's a tarot card reading or soul communication, I basically sit down alone and perform the reading in solitude.  Once I am done I type up every detail of the messages and images I saw and received and email it to the person I read for.  If I am able to I will even send a picture of the tarot cards so that they may see them spread out.  If they have any questions we correspond via email until every question is answered.  Most people love the simplicity of it and it allows me to work at all hours so I can provide readings in a much more timely fashion.  I've even started offering readings through Skype for those who wish to have a more personal experience.

When I perform a healing I basically do the same thing.  I work alone in my office and perform all of my healing techniques as if the person was right in front of me.  When working with energy, light, and crystals and gemstones I realized that all you have to do is picture the person in front of you and it can be equally effective.  When a healing session is done I type up everything I did and a brief explanation of what the client can expect over the next few days to a month.

We all have different abilities and strengths.  Some mediums need to be in person in order to communicate; healers too.  I feel very fortunate that I am able to work around the obstacles of living so far away from most people that I know.  It allows me to reach more people and help as many souls as possible.  I find that to be wonderful and extremely helpful to all parties involved.

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