Friday, October 17, 2014

The Haunted Cabin

This past weekend I finally fulfilled a dream of mine: to hike in the Black Forest in Germany.  To say this forest was beautiful and breathtaking is a huge understatement.  It was just incredible and so worth the effort and time.  Other than the desire to see mother nature at its finest I really wanted to see the Black Forest because it's known to be haunted throughout the entire place.  I can't say I'm not surprised since it is located in an extremely ancient country in Europe, but nonetheless I was slightly worried that I wouldn't encounter anything while I was there.  My worries dissipated the second I stumbled across an old cabin in the middle of the woods (pictured above).

I watched as a friend of mine ran up to the cabin with no hesitancy whatsoever so she could have a photo taken of herself.  I stood there slightly in awe and mildly stunned as I watched two male spirits walk quickly up to stand behind her as the picture was taken.  She had no idea.  They looked over at me and nodded and then hurriedly went back inside the building.  I took a deep breath to control myself from shaking, falling to the ground, or passing out.  The place literally vibrated with a tremendous amount of energy.  It was sort of a shock to my system.

I whispered to my husband that the place was packed with spirits and I was going around back to have some privacy while I figured out who was residing in there.  I hurriedly made my way behind the cabin and placed both of my palms on the cobwebbed covered exterior.  I closed my eyes and breathed deeply and slowly.

Immediately one man came forward.  He was in his mid-fifties, completely filthy and rugged looking, and had absolutely no teeth.  Boy was he a character.  He smiled broadly showing his sticky gums and waved at me with so much enthusiasm I couldn't help but smile back.  He sort of reminded me of my late grandfather so the greeting was even more heartwarming.  He presented me with images of him hunting in the woods, sitting around a campfire with lots of fellow hunters (all men), and all of them telling and laughing at dirty jokes late into their nights.  All these happenings appeared to take place in the mid 1800's.  He informed me that all the inhabitants of the cabin were his friends.

I shifted my attention from him to the rest of the room they were in and counted over twenty men of all shapes, sizes, and ages.  Most of them were dressed in flannel, long underwear, and bizarre looking caps that definitely belonged in another time.  They were all mostly friendly, curious, and polite.  I smiled, nodded, and said goodbye as my family beckoned for me to follow them as they made their way further down the trail.

As I walked away my friend asked me if I urinated back there (a common thing to do when hiking for long periods of time) and I laughed and said "No.  No way did I pee back there."  I didn't tell her why, that I didn't because I would have had a large audience, but the idea of it sure made me giggle to myself for a little while after we left that haunted cabin.

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