Friday, October 10, 2014

The Man Who Controlled My Dream

I have many nights where I dream vividly and spend all night visiting with those who are deceased.  I thoroughly enjoy those nights because it allows me to flex those other worldly muscles in a different way.  It's also a great time for me to practice controlling my dreams to an extent.  It's quite fun.  Two nights ago I began having one of those active nights when a strange little man decided to turn the tables on me.  He took the reigns and controlled my dream and visits.  That was a first for me and slightly unsettling.

At first I didn't even notice he was there.  I was speaking with two deceased spirits and then all of a sudden I noticed this extremely short chubby man standing by a doorway and staring at me.  He was bald, appeared to be in his fifties, had a salt and pepper colored mustache, and smiled in a very creepy way.  He stared at me with his dark eyes and raised his finger to his lips and silently signaled "Shhhhhhh" as he flipped a light switch.

The second he flipped that switch I was transported to a completely new setting with a new group of spirits.  I was disoriented and thrown off at this occurrence but continued the work I was doing with the spirits.  Within minutes I saw him again and watched as he turned the light switch off immediately after his silent "Shhhhhh."

Time and time again we played this game; me on edge because I had no control over when I would be shifting to a new place and where I would be going next and him just staring and seeming to enjoy his control over me.  His silent signal sort of freaked me out which didn't help.

At the very end of the night I saw him for the ninth or tenth time and watched as he told me "Shhhh" one last time, pointed in the direction of my husband sleeping next to me, and flipped the switch.  At that very instant the alarm went off and I woke up and began my day.  I was grateful for the bizarre night to be over but all day saw his face and serious eyes staring holes into me as he shushed me every time I turned around.

He is definitely a spirit I would rather not see again.  For sure.

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