Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Everyone seems to have an opinion about orbs.  People are either total believers or complete skeptics (or non-believers).  I am often sent photos with orbs in them and am asked to give my opinion.  Truthfully, I have no idea how I feel about orbs.

Orbs are circular shaped spots that appear in pictures.  Some explain them away as being specs of dust, bugs, or light hitting the camera at certain angles.  Often times I would agree with these people.  I can almost always tell if something is just that.  But what about those other times that you can't easily identify the cause of the orb appearing in a photograph?  Here's where it gets tricky.

Do we automatically say "Oh that's definitely a spirit in the picture."  Not exactly.  I am no expert on orbs.  I have never seen a spirit appear as a ball of light or circle that floats in the air.  But that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.  My philosophy with life in general is that "Anything is possible."  Why can't some spirits appear to us in the form of orbs?  Of course it's possible.

When someone sends me a picture to analyze I immediately look for telltale signs of the orb being dust.  It's ten times easier to tell if it is captured in a video but pictures can be fairly straightforward as well.  Once I rule out any other cause for the orb I take a look at the picture through a medium's perspective.  With the person's permission I will connect to the person in the picture (or the place) and see what spirits I pick up on.  Almost always there is someone lingering beside them or in the location.  When I respond I always say that I can't know for sure that the orb is the spirit exactly but there was definitely someone there.  Then I describe what I saw.  

I don't feel it's my job to disprove anything, especially things that bring people peace such as orbs.  Many individuals who find orbs in a picture floating next to them become excited at the thought that it is a deceased loved one.  I think that is a beautiful idea.  Spirits can manifest in many ways and orbs may just be another way to do that.  I have no issue with that idea whatsoever.

For all the non-believers out there who have a strong opinion on orbs, ghosts, and more: try to remind yourself that we can't possibly know everything.  Remember:  anything is possible, my friends.  Practically anything.

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