Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Family Spirit Guide

The other night I went to bed slightly stressed and forgot to say my usual prayer asking to be guided to any spirit that needed healing or companionship for the night.  Oddly enough, when I forget to say that small prayer I am taken to the most bizarre and random places.  I meet new people that I would never expect to meet, and am almost always offered up some dose of a lesson or piece of information that I didn't even realize I needed or wanted to know.  This past night was one of those nights.

I went to sleep just like any other night but was immediately taken to my mom's house.  It was dark outside and no one was inside the house.  I walked into the house and sat down on the couch and waited.  Within seconds there was a light knocking on the door.  I walked over to the door and opened it to find a middle aged African American man smiling at me.

There was something so familiar about his face and when he spoke I was instantly comforted and at ease.  He asked, in a rich southern accent, if he could come in.  I said yes without any hesitation.  I stepped out of the way and motioned towards the couch.  We both perched on the couch and sat in silence for what seemed like hours.  Finally I asked "who are you?"

He smiled a soft smile and responded "I am your family spirit guide."  I narrowed my eyes at him in an attempt to figure out what he meant and also as an indicator for him to elaborate.  He slowly reached for my hand and held it in his.  He whispered for me to close my eyes so he could show me what he meant.  I closed my eyes and was instantly transported to another time.  It appeared to be in the mid 1960's and I was standing in the middle of a yard under the warmth of the sun.  I heard kids laughing and playing and then all of a sudden I saw my mother as a little girl run by me.

This man came up behind me and rested his hand on my right shoulder.  He said "I was with her until she grew up.  I was with her mother before that.  I was with you and your sisters after that and now I stay with your son.  I am a family spirit guide."

We slowly traveled back to the here and now and I opened my eyes.  He smiled and I smiled back.  I realized that the reason he was so familiar and comforting to me was because he's always been in my life without me even fully realizing it.  I remember hearing his southern drawl as a child and I remember having glimpses of his face growing up, especially in my dreams.  I've even heard my son refer to a man he talks to from time to time.

I hugged this man, my family guide, and thanked him.  I understood how much energy he had invested in my family, myself, and my son.  He always protected us from negative energy and spirits because we were all so very sensitive.  He helped guide me, side by side with Adam (my other spirit guide), to the path that I am on today.  I was and am still so grateful for all he's done.  I feel bad that his work isn't over yet; that he will never rest until we stop having children.  I told him as much and he said it was an honor to work with a family of mediums, empaths, and healers.  He said his job is never boring.  I wholeheartedly agreed as we laughed about that revelation.

After awhile he stood up and announced it was time for him to get going.  He held out his hand to shake mine and I hugged him instead.  He whispered in my ear "You did good girl.  You did good."  And then he walked out the door and disappeared into the night.

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