Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The New Portal

There are nights when I have difficulty sleeping.  During those nights I toss and turn and often see spirits or random visions that I wouldn't normally see.  I'm not entirely sure why I see these things but I assume it's because of how tired I am and the fact that I'm drifting in and out of sleep.  I recently had one of those restless nights and was given a very wonderful vision.  One second I was resting with my eyes closed and the next moment I saw a huge tunnel with a bright white light coming out of it.  I started to walk towards the tunnel to look inside but was stopped by a deep male voice.  He said "You can't go in there.  If you do, you will die.  If you wait where you are the spirits will come to you.  Be patient."

I did as I was told and stood there in silence and awe.  I heard many voices coming from within the tunnel and saw many shadows.  Eventually I watched as two spirits walked through.  I didn't recognize them.  They were both middle aged, a man and a woman.  They smiled at me and waved.  I felt like they were simply there to show me "how things worked".  I waved back and they turned their backs to me and exited the same way they came.  Everything went black after that and I found myself right back in my bed.

I sat up and stared into the darkness with wide eyes.  I understood that I was shown an easier way to make contact with spirits when I choose to.  It was so straightforward and refreshing.  I was excited to try this method of seeking out the bright white light/tunnel/hallway that I sat down to meditate the next morning.  I quickly led myself into a deep meditative state and immediately found my way back to the place I was shown the previous night.

I waited for a few seconds and then heard loud footsteps.  I was stunned to see my grandfather, my mother's father who passed away when I was very young, standing before me.  He offered an awkward tight lipped smile and I said hello with a big smile.  He spoke quickly and clearly and told me what I was to tell my mother.  He gave answers to a few questions she and my family had about my mom's home and more.  He was so stern and serious that I started laughing.  I told him to lighten up a bit.  I asked him if there was anything else he would like me to tell my mother and he said "Yes, yes.  Tell her I love her."  I agreed to pass his messages along and we waved goodbye and he left.

I stood there for a few more minutes and realized that one of my great-grandmother's (one of whom I never met) came through the tunnel.  She was exactly how I remember from all the pictures I had seen.  She smiled, wrung her hands, and said "You're a good girl.  I'm so impressed with you.  Tell your momma I love her.  I just wanted to say hello."  And then she was gone.

I waited a while longer but no one else came.  I closed my eyes and sought out my body and ended my meditation.  When I came to I was so incredibly ecstatic.  This was huge.  I made contact with two family members and saw them more clearly than I ever had before.  I was shown a way to reach out to spirits in a controlled setting and to do so on my terms.  The vision I was given was a beautiful gift that I intend to use as much as possible.  It's moments like that that reinforce why I feel so blessed to do what I do.  Some might view this skill as a curse but I see it as one of the most incredible, beautiful gifts a person can have.  I will never let it go to waste.

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