Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Following the Dream, Making Things Happen

If you know me well then you know that I love animals. They are my life. Over two years ago I started my own non-profit farm animal and exotic pet rescue called "The Other Pets Animal Rescue" that is dedicated to rescuing and re-homing animals in Kentucky. Even though I am unable to live in my home state due to my husband's job, I felt it was important to help any way that I can. People contact me when they need to re-home their animals and I network like crazy to find a fitting home. I then pair the two people up and amazingly the animal in need has the chance at a new loving forever home. It's incredibly fulfilling.
After living in California and working with the amazing people and animals at Animal Place (seriously, go check them out) I was inspired to re-visit a dream Brian and I have had for over ten years: to buy a farm and offer a sanctuary for animals in need full time. When we got orders to Germany we had to make the tough decision on whether to stay in the states to work on our dream or live in Europe for four years. We couldn't turn down the chance of traveling the world so off we went. Several months later I still mourn the life I had where I was able to work with animals on a daily basis. I missed Animal Place and the farm so much it hurt. I decided to enroll in college to become a Veterinary Technician so that I could further expand my knowledge of animals. I am currently interning at a local veterinary clinic and am loving being back in the swing of things. I graduate December 2016. Still, it's not the same as being on a farm and saving all the other animals that people tend to view as unimportant.
Brian and I have had many lengthy talks about what we want our future to look like. We do not wish to be a part of the military until we are old. We don't want to put our dreams on hold for decades. We decided to start now and reach high. Really high. We have decided to take the plunge and try our hardest to make our dream into reality and hopefully purchase land in Kentucky to open The Other Pets Animal Rescue, Sanctuary, and Animal Hospice Center. We wish to open a farm where we are able to rescue animals of all kinds, provide a loving home for them (whether that's at our farm forever or another fitting home), and to care for dying animals that have no where else to go. To say that this project will cost a lot is a huge understatement. We have been researching crowd funding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter and have also been developing ideas of products we can create to sell to the public (and on where 100% of the proceed will go to our project.
It scares me to no end to put myself out there like that and especially at the risk of knowing there's a huge chance we could fail. But when I close my eyes at night and ask myself if I did everything I could to live my dreams and to help every animal I could at least I will be able to say "Yes. Yes I did."
So, please "Like" and "Share" our Facebook page under "The Other Pets Animal Rescue" and please keep checking in to see how our projects are developing. If you'd like to donate via PayPal please go to or email me at Every cent donated goes directly to purchasing the land. I am spending the next couple of months re-developing the website so that it reflects our new project and will eventually have all donations listed on there so everyone knows how we are doing (and so we can give credit to our supporters).  In the meantime, please visit our website and read about our story, what we do, and the animals we've already helped to save.
Lastly, if you have any ideas for fundraising, project ideas, items we could develop and sell for our rescue, marketing tips, and more please email me at We could use all the help we can get. Together we can make history in our awesome state of Kentucky and save all the other pets out there that need our help.
*If you'd like to help out please contact me.  Helping is easy.  You can "Like" and "Share" our facebook page and facebook statuses, you can sign up to join our mailing list (just email me at, and you can donate your time to help us gain more interest in the community.  
Thank you so much for your endless support.  We really appreciate it all.


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