Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Balcony Dweller

It's no surprise that I often see spirits out and about here in Germany.  No matter where I go, the land is incredibly old on Earth which always means that a spirit is close by.  I've been learning to keep myself fairly closed off so I don't become bombarded all the time, which has proven to be very helpful.  The only time I open myself up fully is during readings or when I walk through the woods at night.  I enjoy the feeling of being completely surrounded by spirits in the woods.  Call me crazy, but I find it comforting.  When I'm at my house, however, I don't like surprise visitors which is why when I do see a spirit by surprise it sticks out as a significant moment in my life.

One night I woke up to let my dog outside so she could do her business.  It was still mildly warm (for Germany standards) outside so I stood on my front stoop waiting for her to be done.  Almost immediately I felt someone looking at me.  I looked straight ahead and up at the balcony of the house that is across from mine.  Plain as day was a dark figure of a man.  He was staring blankly at me and completely un-moving.  It took me about five seconds to realize he was a spirit.  He was that solid.

I felt goosebumps rise all over my body and I stood there watching, waiting for him to make his next move.  Time seemed to stand still as we both remained frozen staring at each other.  Eventually a group of loud teenagers down the street broke our bizarre trance and the man turned away to see what the noise was about.  I looked too, but only for a second.  When I turned back to the man on the balcony he was gone.

Every night when I'm outside waiting on my dog I always look up at that balcony to see if I can catch a glimpse of that man.  For some reason he made me feel uneasy.  I just wonder what he was doing and what he wanted, or if he even wanted anything at all.

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