Monday, December 1, 2014

The Daughter I Never Had

The first time I met with a psychic medium (several years ago) I was told that I had a daughter who was waiting to be born.  This daughter was expected to possess the same gifts as me and would have incredible healing abilities.  When the medium spoke with my future daughter she shared insights into my son (who was three or four at the time), spoke of his interests, how he connects with animals, and even spoke of his destiny.  I was intrigued but never had any plans to have any more children so I brushed it off and eventually forgot about it.

A couple of years later my "daughter" began to pop up everywhere.  I first began to dream of her; a beautiful little girl with long straight brown hair and big brown eyes.  She had a lovely smile and made my heart melt each time that I saw her.  She was always appearing in my dreams and sharing nights with me.  I began to look forward to night time when I was given this extra child to share my time with.  I spent a lot of time thinking of this little girl when awake and wondered if my husband and I should test fate and try to have another child.  We always agreed against the idea in the end of each discussion for various reasons that I still believe in firmly.

The more I spoke with other psychic mediums, who were often friends or friends of friends, they always mentioned my future daughter.  The fact that each person mentioned her struck me as significant and I began to believe more and more in this tiny person existing.  No matter how hard I tried to convince myself that having another child was a good idea (or even possible), that this girl needed to be born, I just couldn't do it.  My son's needs were always top priority.  It was never in our plan or future.

This past summer I met with a new medium that had a very fantastic reputation.  She spoke fondly of my future child and I finally voiced my concern that had been bothering me for over a year "What will happen to her if I never actually give birth to another child?"  The medium smiled and replied "Then your son will have her.  She will be your grandchild."  I let out a huge sigh of relief.  This spirit that was part of my family no matter what will be born eventually and be a part of our lives in this world.  The responsibility of this daughter waiting on me to give her life weighed so heavy on me.  The fact that no matter what, my bloodline will bring her to this earth made me feel 100% better.

After that meeting I stopped stressing about having another baby.  I no longer felt the pressure but I admit that I do occasionally think of what it would be like to have a daughter; this special daughter.  I may get sad from time to time at the fact that I'll never have many kids running around the house, that I am destined to have my one and only son (one who brings me so much happiness and love), but the sadness does always dissipate over time to make way for a new excitement for my future granddaughter that I without a doubt know will be coming into our lives eventually.  I find that extremely cool.

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