Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

I'm not sure why I've waited so long to write about my adventures at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY.  I never felt up to talking about my experiences there.  It was such an emotional roller coaster.  I've visited there three times over the past two and a half years.  Each time I learned new things, experienced incredible things, and became even more obsessed with this miraculous place.

The very first time I laid eyes on Waverly Hills was when I was 17 years old.  I went with a few friends to their annual haunted house and I remember standing outside of the massive building and shaking from fear.  The place was scary beyond belief, felt menacing, and I didn't want to go inside.  We went through the haunted house that night and the whole time I thought to myself "This feels wrong.  We shouldn't be in here."  Luckily, we made it out in one piece and we left well after midnight to go home.  I had many nightmares that night that I will never forget.

Fast forward to a decade later:  I was staying in Kentucky for two months over the summer and immediately made an appointment for me to stay overnight at Waverly Hills for a  "ghost hunt".  I was so excited.  My medium abilities were getting stronger and I was dying to test them out in a legitimate haunted place.  I showed up at 11:30pm that night all by myself, much to the staff's amazement.  I had a backpack full of bottled water and sugary treats (a must when I'm around spirits to help get my energy back up) and my cell phone.  I didn't bring video cameras, EMF readers, or anything else ghost hunters bring.  I was my own EMF reader.  I stood all alone and watched the waiting room fill up with groups of people of all ages carrying huge bags full of expensive cameras and other equipment.  They were all buzzing with excitement.  I was trying to control my shaking from the energy I could feel that felt like the whole ground was vibrating.  I wasn't even in the building yet and I could feel hundreds of spirits.  It was terrifying.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, photo taken by me May 2014

Finally, shortly after midnight, we were let into the building.  A group leader divided us up into groups of eight and put each group on one floor to investigate for over an hour.  The entire building was pitch black except for the moonlight and stars creeping in from the windows.  I stood there unsure of where to go.  Luckily, there was another medium and her mortician husband in my group and they offered to let me tag along whenever I felt like it.  I happily obliged on many occasions that night.  Most of the time I simply wandered from room to room and noted what I felt, saw, and heard.  I found a handful of rooms on the fourth floor that had several spirits in them.  Some were hiding in what used to be small private bathrooms, huddled together in fear.  Others were standing in the middle of their rooms daring me to take one step closer.  At the end of the hour and a half the group leader came up and showed us what rooms have the most activity.  He pointed to every single room that I saw spirits in and even described some of the things that I experienced and saw.  It was incredible and reassuring on my part.  By the halfway point that night (four hours in) I was so exhausted from the activity that I left.

I was no longer afraid, thank goodness, and I left that place more confident in my medium abilities.  I didn't sleep well for a few days after that.  I would close my eyes and see images of that place and all the many eyes staring out of the empty windows.  I felt a longing to go back there immediately.  Unfortunately, I had to wait a whole year before I could go there again.

This past summer I went to Waverly two times; one historic tour during the day and then an overnight stay again.  During the daytime historic tour I was just so excited to be back, to have the chance to see it in the daylight, and to see what I picked up on since my abilities were the strongest they have ever been.  My mom went with me and we compared experiences the entire time.  We walked through the majority of that building and I saw so many spirits.  During our tour through the body chute the spirit of a young teenage girl walked beside me.  She kept her hand on my shoulder and arm, whispered to me, and openly cried.  She was miserable.  A few times I heard my name being called, would turn around to ask my mom what she wanted, and then after seeing her confusion I would realize it was the spirits talking to me.  We would walk into a room and I would hold my hands up in a sign of surrender and "I come in Peace" because of the obvious hostility I felt from them.  I had my hair touched many times, my arm touched, heard many voices, saw over fifty spirits, and so much more.  It was absolutely mind blowing.

The disturbing part of the trip was the fact that I heard many of the spirits talking and conspiring in a way.  They were aware of the owner's plans to renovate the building to become a hotel and restaurant.  The spirits were already in pain and suffering and to do this to the place they are stuck in was just awful to them.  They made it clear they were going to sabotage their efforts any way that they could.  They also made it very clear that they do not like people parading through their home making a mockery of them, taking pictures, taunting them, and the like.  It infuriated them, which I could feel so deeply, and my heart hurt because of this.  It was heartbreaking.  So many spirits just standing around, staring angrily at the intruders (us), and wishing for nothing more than to leave that place.

 As much as I loved Waverly Hills I felt it would be wrong to go back for the overnight stay I had scheduled the following week.  But after much deliberation, and some convincing from my mom, we both decided to go back to Waverly the next weekend as scheduled.  I was determined to at least try to help some of the spirits so that they may "cross over" into the afterlife.  We walked into the building shortly after midnight and I felt that familiar nauseated and dizzy feeling that comes with being in the presence of so many spirits.  We started off our night in the basement next to the body chute.  We sat in the electroshock therapy room all by ourselves in the pitch black and waited.  Sure enough five spirits showed up.  Some sat in chairs away from us and two men sat down in front of us, literally three inches from our faces.  One frightening man stood a few feet to my right and stared at me.  I closed my eyes and tried to relax.  We sat there like this, allowing the spirits to investigate us in a way, until finally I couldn't take it anymore.  I felt a slight scratch slowly run down my right arm and I turned to find that menacing man squatting down next to me with his crazed eyes not even an inch from mine.  I sat there frozen, unable to move.  Finally I asked him to please give me space, that I come in peace.  He narrowed his gaze at me even more but did get up and walk away.  We hightailed it out of that room as fast as we could.

We walked the halls over and over avoiding so many rooms because the spirits sent very loud messages screaming "Don't you dare come in here" and "GET THE FUCK OUT!"  I had never felt such negative energy in my life.  One man spirit started following us, flicking my hair, running his finger down my back, and whispering rude and awful things.  We took off running as fast as we could to get away from him and eventually made it to the body chute.  We sat down at the entrance and stared into the deep blackness that was the chute.  The same girl I saw at the day tour greeted me right away.  She stood next to me and I held my hand out for her.  We held hands for quite awhile and then I asked her if she was ready to leave this place.  She nodded her head with tears in her eyes.  Within seconds I helped her pass on and I never saw her again.

We walked out of the body chute area and sat down near the entrance.  I crossed two more spirits over while sitting there and we were starting to not be so afraid.  Luckily, it was time to switch floors so we made our way to the next floor up.  Our night went somewhat smoothly.  We walked from room to room and felt relieved every time there wasn't a hostile spirit waiting for us.  We found a room that was partially renovated and sat down on the floor.  We found a bouncy ball and set it down in front of us and waited.  We started talking to one another about nonsense and then looked back over to the ball.  We were amazed to see it had moved a significant amount.  I always get excited to see objects move like that.  We stared at the ball for a few minutes waiting for it to move again but it never did.

I was very happy to leave that place after our night was over.  I had so many experiences, mostly terrifying, to last me a lifetime.  My heart hurts for the spirits there who are suffering and are put on constant display for these people to show up and make a mockery of their lives.  Waverly should be a place that people treat with respect and honor.  So many people died there, including my own family members.  I show the place respect, the spirits respect, and I always say a prayer for the lives lost and the lives still haunting the building before and after entering it.  I honestly worry for people's safety when they walk through the doors of Waverly Hills Sanatorium.  I hope for everyone's sake that the spirits that reside there are able to find peace and cross over once and for all.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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  1. Lost souls often are people who die suddenly or during traumatic events they experience. Chant AR Me Tuo Fo and call on their souls with love and respect to join this Buddha to the Pure Land where they may transition peacefully.