Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to Ensure Your Reading Is Terrible

One of the greatest things about offering readings via the internet is that I don't have to be face to face with people.  I know how awful that sounds, so please let me explain.  I have done hundreds of readings for people over the past three or four years.  80% of them have been done online.  By doing readings online I am more at ease.  I don't have to worry about what comes out of my mouth.  I am able to type up the reading, proof read it, and then proof read it again.  I can sit in my pj's and if I'm interrupted by the doorbell or my son it's not going to offend anyone.  To be honest, I get very nervous to read for people face to face.  I feel very vulnerable doing so.

For the 20% of people I have read for in person I truly enjoyed it for the most part.  It's an absolute joy to cry with them, to watch their eyes light up, or to directly see if I helped them in any way.  It's quite fulfilling and humbling.  Of course, with anything, there's always an exception.  I'm talking about the ones who show up with a bad attitude, stare me down almost willing me to fumble and fail, and then walk away without as much as a thank you or smile.  You people sort of suck.  Not only did you make me uncomfortable but you also ensured you would have a bad reading.  You came in determined that I would fail, thus controlling the outcome of the session before we even started.  That's not nice for either of us!

When a person walks in with enthusiasm, a smile on their face, interest, and maybe even a little nervousness I know we are going to have a great time.  They practically scream "I'm up for anything.  This is going to be so much fun!"  We always attract the right spirits, the cards speak very loudly in those instances, and the person always walks away feeling so much better and very satisfied.  I love those types of sessions.

When a person walks in with a sour attitude, major skepticism, a frown on their face, and a completely closed off energy I know immediately that the session will not be fun and the outcome will leave the person mildly unhappy.  This is because we aren't going to attract a very enthusiastic spirit who is chatty and happy.  They will feel that negative energy and be just as standoffish.  The cards will more than likely speak of that person's not so great attitude and offer advice on how to get out of the rut (something that the person probably doesn't want to hear right now).  Lastly, I will be nervous and apprehensive and become more reserved because I'll begin doubting myself and because I am frustrated at being met with such hostility.

To those who show up to a tarot reader or medium with that kind of attitude:  why bother?  Why did you make the appointment, fork over the money, waste both of your time just to sit there with an attitude and ruin the outcome of your reading?  It seems so silly to me.  No one forced you to come.  We do what we do (well most of us anyway) because we genuinely want to share our gifts and help others find happiness, closure, and the ability to move forward in life with a positive outlook.  I don't see why that has to be met with such negativity.  Do you?

So, the next time you make an appointment with a Medium or Psychic please remember that attitude is everything.  You have the ability to dictate how well your reading will go.  Positivity is met with positivity.  Negativity will only ruin your day and the person's reading for you.  We don't always have to believe things right away, or to put faith in things that can't be outright proven with scientific facts.  But we can sure be open to new possibilities and be kind to those who are simply just trying to help to make the world a better place.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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