Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Death Process

One thing I've learned as a medium is that each person sees death and the afterlife in a different way.  I've met mediums that believe that everyone goes to heaven, or their version of it, and each soul (no matter how bad they were when living) gets whisked away to a beautiful place and they radiate nothing but love and happiness.  Some mediums don't believe that spirits can become stuck in the physical world; ones that we typically refer to as ghosts.  We all see spirits differently, we all see our own glimpses into the afterlife, and we all have varying impressions of what the death process is.  It's fascinating and humbling to hear everyone's point of view.  I thought that I would explain my own point of view today.

When I say "death process" I am referring to the entire process from passing to transitioning into the afterlife that each person goes through.  I don't pretend to have all the answers or know all there is to know about all this stuff.  I can only give my own opinion based on my own personal experiences.  I feel that either way it can help people find peace and have reassurance that there is definitely life after death and that our loved ones are there waiting for us.  It's helped me tremendously.

While keeping in mind that every person goes through something different, I'd like to break down what I believe happens when we die.  When the life goes out of our bodies our souls separate from our bodies too.  Sometimes our souls separate from our bodies earlier which I believe is a way to help the death experience to be less traumatic and/or painful.  That's just a theory though.  Once our souls leave our bodies it can go a few different ways.  The most ideal situation is for us to follow the proverbial bright white light which is the gateway into the afterlife.  When we cross into the bright white light we are greeted by deceased friends and family which I'm told is an absolutely beautiful experience.  Unfortunately, lots of people do not go through that white light.  Some people don't realize what it is.  They can be frightened of the light thinking it's headlights from a car or something else.  People can be disoriented, frightened, or not even know that they passed.  When this happens (most of the time it's when the death was sudden and unexpected) the person runs the other way and refuses to "cross over."

When a person refuses or is unable to cross over they become what we refer to as ghosts.  They may be attached to a specific place, person, or item and will gravitate to that place.  They will often make their presence known, can become territorial, and even scared and sad.  It's a bad situation.  It's sad for everyone involved and it's often scary too.  In a lot of cases the person will eventually move on and cross over in their own time but sometimes a medium or priest has to come in to help them cross over so they can finally begin their "death process".

It gets confusing for me once the person goes through the bright white light.  I've been told by spirits many different things.  What I gather from the majority of them is that they all go through a reflection phase.  What I mean by that is they are given the time to reflect on their life with their spirit guide or some other "helper/guide".  This is the time that they review their triumphs, missteps, and suffering.  They are given a chance to reflect on what they learned from their time on Earth and how it impacted them and others around them.  Then they are given the opportunity to choose (or be assigned?) what they do next now that they are in the afterlife.  I've seen some become spirit guides or helpers to others.  I've seen others become spiritual advisors of some sort and others become hermits out in the woods.  I've also experienced many that just simply live their lives as if they are in a perpetual retirement state.

What I still am unclear on is what happens to the bad people.  When I spoke with a medium who told me there were no ghosts and all spirits cross over and live in utter happiness I had to completely disagree with her based on what I saw and experienced.  Also, what the heck happens to all those murderers and rapists and Hitlers of the world??  I refuse to believe that they get to pass go and collect $200 all easy peasy like that.  No way.  I've seen a glimpse into a not so pleasant side of the spiritual world and I sometimes think that they go there.  It's not hell; I don't believe in hell.  But I do believe that they are sent to a place where they are held accountable.  They aren't given the chance to see the beauty of all that's around us and to feel the perpetual love and happiness that surrounds us.  I suppose it's all open to interpretation.

 Every spirit I encounter speaks of how happy and beautiful life is after they pass on.  I find that incredibly reassuring.  Even the spirits I help cross over are happy to do so once they learn it's not scary or painful to do so.  Based on my experiences I believe that we all have the chance to cross over and spend our after life in a beautiful and loving place with the people we love.  I've learned that the point of life is to be the best we can be; be full of love, help others, be as compassionate as possible, and do no harm.  We should own up to our mistakes and missteps, learn from them, and move forward with a better mindset and plan.  When we do this, from what I've seen, we all get to follow that bright white light and transition into the afterlife like we were intended to do.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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