Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Grandpa

 My grandfather was by far my favorite person on earth.  He was so kind, always had a smile on his face, and had the patience of a Buddhist monk.  I grew up being his little shadow.  He took me everywhere with him; to Hardees on the weekends to have breakfast with his friends, to the Movie theater for the Friday night $1.00 showing, to dinner at least twice a week, and more.  I stayed all summer with him and my grandma and every weekend.  We spent our days outside where I learned to drive tractors and lawn mowers.  We'd watch Pee-wee's playhouse and Ernest P. Worrell on the small television in his garage.  He taught me how to fix things, use tools, and that WD-40 was good for practically anything.  He treated me like an equal, taught me to play rummy so well that I can now beat anyone I play against, and gave me the tools to make the best sweet tea on the planet.  I owe my Grandpa so much simply because he showed me what unconditional love was and he set the perfect example of the perfect human being: him.  When he passed away six years ago I had no doubt in my mind that he would go to a nice place.  He had cancer so we all had time to say our goodbyes, he had no unfinished business, and he seemed ready for the next adventure.  I was not worried about where his soul would go; he was meant to go to heaven, and I didn't think I would ever see him again.  Boy was I wrong!

The first time I saw him he came to me in my dreams.  It was about a month after he died and as I slept he appeared to me and took me to this gorgeous space that was pitch black except for the vibrant stars surrounding us.  He hugged me, smiled his amazing smile, and told me he was so happy and doing just fine.  He said it was important to tell my grandmother that he's where he is supposed to be and that it's a wonderful place.  We stayed in that place all night embracing each other and talking. When I woke up I called my grandma and relayed the message my grandpa had for her.

The second time he showed up in my dreams he took me to the clouds.  I stood side by side with a long line of other people who were there to see their loved ones off as they entered the gates of "heaven".  My grandpa was standing across from me next to other deceased individuals and we just stood there smiling.  It was sunny and warm and it was as if we were standing on top of the clouds.  A voice told us that we were chosen by our family member to be shown where they will be living.  We were chosen to be the ones to say goodbye.  We were told this was a huge honor.  It was very ceremonious and we were given a glimpse into the entryway to the other world.  It was absolutely magical and it allowed me to have even more closure with my grandpa.  We said our goodbyes  after many hugs and tears, and then we parted ways.

The next occurrence was about a year later.  I was meeting with my spirit guide (in dream state) and my grandpa showed up looking much younger, happy, and healthy.  He smiled, hugged me, and stood there silently as my guide explained that my grandfather will no longer be able to visit with me.  It was a bit unclear but I got the impression that he had progressed in the afterlife to a point where it will be more difficult to travel on the earth plane.  My guide said it took too much energy for my grandpa to speak so he was relaying the messages for him.  I was told my grandpa loves me, is very proud of me, and to not worry about him.  We embraced with a mix of sadness and happiness and then he was gone.

A year and a half went by and I was missing my grandpa a lot.  I went to bed that night wishing I could just see his face for a second.  Just one last time.  Sure enough, I fell asleep and I found myself in the church I grew up in and saw him sitting in the back of the church on the last pew.  We used to sit side by side every Sunday in that church and he would quietly slip me all the cherry life-savers in his endless stash he'd keep in his pockets.  When I saw him he turned around and smiled radiantly.  I threw my hands up and exclaimed "Finally!"  I burst into tears and we smiled at each other for a few seconds and then he disappeared.  I knew he did everything he could to show up that night and it meant the world to me.

Never in a million years did I expect to see my grandpa so often after his death.  I'm not sure why he chose me to be at his send off and to show me glimpses of his new world, but I can easily say that it changed my life.  It gives me hope that when I pass that I may be given the chance to offer the same opportunity to my son.  To me it's the most amazing gift I have ever been given: to say goodbye and to know without a doubt that there really is life after death.  Whenever I feel sad and lost I look back on the time I had with my grandpa when he was alive, and since he's passed away, and I remember that if I can be half the person he was/is then I will have accomplished something great.  Reach high and dream big.  It's what he would have always wanted.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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