Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Frankenstein Castle, Germany

I have been trying to make it to Frankenstein's Castle for months.  It never failed that when the time came to go someone in my house would be sick or other plans would pop up.  It was driving me crazy.  I just wanted to see this famed castle and explore it so badly.  Finally, last week I was able to make it happen.  I admit that when we walked up the steep road leading to the castle I was a tiny bit disappointed.  Castle ruins are always incredibly cool and awe inspiring.  This one was all of those things but they were basically just ruins.  There were hardly any buildings still standing; walls were up but no roof to enclose them.  I will always appreciate any old building, especially a castle, but I was really hoping to have the chance to go "inside" the castle.  Luckily, there were lots of staircases that led to a few random rooms and even a tower that had gorgeous views of the German countryside.  The one thing this place was lacking was some serious spirit activity.  That surprised me immensely.  
Backing up to the point that we walked through the doorway into the castle ruins, I remember thinking "huh."  Not in a questioning type way but more of a dissapointed thought.  I barely felt any activity.  There have been a few castles that I've been to that felt the same so I wasn't surprised.  Nevertheless, I was hoping this one would be different due to it's amazing history.  I picked up on a few stragglers, random spirits that were roaming the place, but that was it.  As I watched my son excitedly run from wall to wall and up each staircase I followed behind trying my hardest to pick up on something.  Anything.  

Eventually, once we started climbing the stairs to the tower (pictured above) I began feeling a little more activity.  The whole ambience of the place changed.  It wasn't an unwelcome feeling but it was more cautious and guarded.  It was as if they were saying "I'll let you come in, but keep your distance."  I passed one teenaged boy spirit on the staircase.  He was pressed up against the wall, eyes wide staring at us.  I stopped, turned to face him, and told him we weren't going to hurt him.  He remained glued to the wall but nodded slowly in acknowledgement.  Then I kept walking up higher into the tower.  At the top I found myself standing in a fairly small room with big open windows.  I watched my son and husband run from window to window to take in the views.  I remained in the doorway and performed an assessment of who was in the room.  My husband looked back at me questioningly and whispered "Anything?"  I nodded and held up three fingers to indicate how many spirits were in the room.  There were two young men, early twenties, and a young woman no older than twenty.  They were dressed in very old timey looking clothing.  They were filthy, their hair was a mess, and their clothes were torn.  They looked like they had been through something hellacious.  

They hovered together on one side of the room, away from my family, and simply watched.  I smiled gently at them but kept my distance.  The girl held her arms in a funny way as if she was trying to protect herself.  The men stood up tall but I could see their confidence wavering.  Their energy was very confusing.  Afraid yet bold.  I made sure my son stayed out of the spirits' way and I wandered around the room looking out of the windows while still keeping tabs on the three spirits.  One of the men eventually came over to me while I had my back to them.  He placed his hand on my shoulder and said "How do you see us?"  I silently told him "I don't really know.  I just do."  I then asked him "Does it bother you that I can see you?"  He replied "No.  I find it reassuring."  I turned and smiled at him and he beamed back.  His eyes were still sad but it seemed to make him feel better that someone was acknowledging their existence.  

Within a flash the moment was over as my son exited the room with excitement to explore the place more.  My husband ran after him and I reluctantly left the three spirits next to me.  I waved a small wave and said goodbye to them.  They waved back and even smiled a little bit and then they were gone.

I didn't see any more spirits throughout the entire place.  It was so open and so a part of nature that everything just blended in with one another.  I do hope to go back one day to help them cross over.  I have a feeling they would be thrilled at the idea.

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