Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Busy Friday Night and the 30+ Spirits

About a year ago two good friends of mine decided to open a beautiful boutique in my hometown in Kentucky.  Amazingly, due to bizarre circumstances, I was in town before and during the grand opening.  They had rented a space in a very old building downtown and asked me if I would be willing to walk through the place to make sure there were no spirits lingering.  They also asked me to cleanse the space of any negative energy so that their shop was given the lovely and positive start it deserved.  I happily agreed.  One Friday night in April I made plans to check out their shop.

The day before I went to their shop I had a vision of two men standing outside the historic building.  They were in clothes that seemed to date back to the 1800's and the road wasn't paved; it was a dirt road.  Some of the buildings were there that are still standing today but most were not.  These men stood outside of the place smoking pipes, talking, and petting their horses who were snorting and carrying on beside them.  When my vision was over I realized I was in for a real treat when I actually got to the old building.  I was definitely not wrong.

Upon arriving to their shop that Friday evening, I felt a very heavy feeling weighing on me in the entryway.  Oddly enough, though, when I walked into their actual shop the mood changed instantly and I felt this huge sense of relief along with love and peaceful energy.  It was amazing.  After the initial greetings and hugs we all sat down and talked.  I slowly started to open myself up to see and hear whatever was in the building.  I immediately heard an elderly woman, deceased, who was up above us on the second floor.  She was irate over the state of the building, over the tenants that lived on the second and third floors, and was stomping and yelling like a mad woman.  Over and over she stomped and cussed and made as much noise as she possibly could.  Fortunately, I was the only person that could hear it.  I sat there in a daze staring up at the ceiling just listening to this woman for at least ten minutes without saying a word.  Finally, I looked around me to the questioning eyes of my friends and explained what I had heard.  

They told me that it would make sense because there was an elderly woman that owned the building before and she was known to be a tad bitchy and irritable.  The entire night I listened to that woman stomp and rant but no matter how close I tried to get to her she always managed to dodge me and slip into another part of the building.  It drove me crazy!  After awhile I gave up on her and decided to do a walk through of the entire building.  I saw several spirits, both male and female.  I even saw the two men in my vision standing outside smoking.  There were residual spirits in a room that seemed like a kitchen/community room where a group of elderly spirits listened to a record player and danced.  There were spirits pacing the hallways, humming in the apartments, and some whispering in my ear.  The most disturbing spirits I saw were of two children.  They appeared to be no older than ten years old and had the scariest, most haunting eyes I had ever seen.  They had blood trickling out of the corners of their mouths and they stood at the top of the stairs on the third floor and just stared at me.  No emotion, no anything.  Just dead, scary eyes.  When I started walking up the stairs toward them they turned and disappeared into the wall beside them.

At the end of the night I gave my friends a summary of what was there, who was menacing, and how I plan to help them pass the spirits on over the coming weeks (which did happen with the help of some amazing medium friends of mine!).  I lost track counting but I know there were over 30 spirits in that building.  As we were sitting in the boutique again I explained to them that there were two spirits in their shop but they were incredibly friendly and loving.  One was the grandmother of one of my friends and the other was a friend that had passed away years before.  Both of them were there for moral support and to offer their love and kindness.  They were the contributing factors of all that loving energy the shop gave off.  The feeling was so wonderful that I never wanted to leave.  The last thing I did that night was sage the entryway and parts of the building to hopefully ward off any of the more worrisome spirits until I could come back and cross them over.  

I left that night exhausted but happy.  It felt good to know I was helping both my friends and the spirits trapped there.  It was nice to have an evening where I could just be me and let my gifts take over without worrying about what others will think.  After the spirits were crossed over and the boutique opened the building never felt the same.  It felt lighter and welcoming.  I often find myself wanting to go back to the shop because of that warm feeling.  It's like a big strong hug on a sunny day.   Weird, I know...

Thank you for reading my blog.

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