Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Ogre at Saarburg Castle

I admit I have been a little rusty and less diligent about practicing my medium abilities lately.  I have to remind myself to open up to see and experience things once I walk into a place now.  I guess I've improved greatly on keeping myself closed off most days.  When my family and I decided to venture out to a beautiful town called Saarburg in Germany the last thing on my mind was communicating with spirits.  The sun was shining and it was such a beautiful day that all I cared about was soaking up the sun and exploring yet another new town.

After hiking up a pretty substantial hill I found myself face to face with this quaint castle.  Saarburg castle is not quite a castle, despite its name, but it's ancient, full of history, beautiful in its own rite, and of course vibrates with spirit activity.  I climbed the stairs quickly with my son and dog (my husband lingered behind to take pictures) and I immediately felt many spirits.  Most were residual; they were simply imprints and nothing more.  We excitedly explored every inch of the place and shakily climbed the never ending stair case of the castle's tower (I hate heights).  At the top I saw two spirits, both middle aged men, nothing to really delve deeper into since it was a typical sighting.  I acknowledged their presence with a quick nod and went about looking around as a tourist, not a medium.  This was a family day, after all.

Once we were done looking around we slowly made our descent back down to the main floor of the castle.  It was there that I felt a strong pull to one side of the open room.  It nagged and begged at every fiber of my being and I unwillingly gave in.  I told my husband that I needed a few minutes and he knowingly took my son and dog and walked around other parts to give me peace and privacy.  I hesitantly walked over to the corner of the room and leaned my back against the stone wall.  I sucked in a breath immediately as a strange looking man creature hobbled over to stand next to me.  He was about the same height as me since he was severely deformed.  He was hunched over at a painful angle and his face was very disfigured.  I tried to hide my cringing expression and took deep calming breaths.  

He placed his dirty hand on my shoulder and silently told me that this is home.  He can never leave.  He said this with an air of sadness and I nodded sadly that I understood.  I realized at that point that what I was looking at was a version of what I would call an Ogre.  He reeked of an awful stench that reminded me of raw sewage and garbage.  He only had a few teeth left in his mouth and he was covered in dirt and god knows what else.  I was stunned at the fact that I experienced something so new and also sad for his existence.  I could tell he had had a very hard life when he was alive and he seems to be stuck re-living everything day in and day out.  I honestly was so out of my element that I didn't even know how to begin to even try to help him.  I hope to go back eventually and do just that.  Maybe I can even help him finally cross over.

After my encounter with this ogre man I high tailed it out of there and followed my family back down that ridiculous hill that took us back to the town of Saarburg.  I quietly told my husband what I saw and he was equally as amazed and intrigued.  I love that with my gift I am able to experience new things on a regular basis.  I am exposed to bizarre situations and am given the chance to find a new understanding that this world (and other worlds) are so incredible and awe inspiring that we can't ever begin to understand the enormity of what's out there.  I sort of like it like that.  Not knowing everything makes life exciting.  So does seeing ogres in an ancient castle in the middle of Germany, but who's keeping track of that?  ;-)

Thank you for reading my blog.

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