Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Woman in the Cave

In my little family of three we have a tradition of taking one day out of our week to explore a new hiking trail in the woods.  We love the excitement of the exploration and discovery of sights unseen (well to our eyes anyway) and the fact that we do this as a family.  It's one of my favorite family traditions.  A few weeks ago we were doing just that and found ourselves on one of the most beautiful trails I've ever seen.  The walking path snaked around a noisy stream and when you could peel your eyes away from the water you'd discover sloping hills on either side of you covered in moss.  Literally everything was covered in moss and it was breathtaking.

We walked on the trail for awhile but found ourselves slightly frustrated at the volume of people walking the trail right along with us.  Hikes are supposed to be peaceful and being surrounded by hoards of people is not.  So we decided to veer from the main path and start our climb up the hillside to see what we could find.

It was easy enough.  There were quite a few trails created in the hillside and the hardest parts were picking which ones to take and also ensuring I wasn't going to trip and fall (which is no easy feat, I assure you).  We continued like this for awhile until we decided to start climbing down the hill to explore some more.  Within a few short minutes we found ourselves standing in front of a a cave made out of huge rock boulders.  The entrance was fairly dark and just tall enough for me to walk through without bending over.  It didn't take us any time to realize that inside the cave was a grave.  There was an old moss covered tombstone and immediately upon entering the cave I started gagging at how thick the energy was in there.

I shooed my son out of there as quickly as I could and then I turned around to face whoever it was in there head on.  To my surprise it was a woman.  She appeared to be in her early 30's and she had lived a very long time ago.  Her hair was mousy brown in color and it hung limply in matted clumps around her shoulders.  She wouldn't look me in the face and stood there staring down at her filthy ragged dress and apron.  I could tell that her death hadn't been a pain free experience; it was incredibly traumatizing for her.  I opened my mouth to say something but was immediately interrupted by a little girl running into the cave to explore with her own family.

I let out a big sigh and internally apologized to the poor woman.  This area was just too populated with people to have much time and peace to even try to help her.  I was so frustrated and disappointed.  I could feel her angst and pain and I so desperately wanted to help take that away from her.  I reluctantly walked away from that suffocating cave and haven't forgotten about it, and her, since.  I know I'll be back soon and I won't give up until I've helped her.  This story is to be continued...

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