Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Every Person is a Medium

Oh yes, you read that title correctly.  It is my own belief that every single person is a medium.  We all possess the gift.  Some of us are possibly a bit more skilled at it, but we all have the ability to do it. It's sort of like the fact that everyone can play baseball but there are some of us who excel at it more than others.  It's the same thing!  How cool is that?!

If you take a moment to look back and reflect on things that happened in your life I bet you can think of at least a few instances where you had something happen that made you pause and question if  it was real or not.  Maybe you heard noises or saw something in your home that very well could have been a ghost.  Perhaps you were visited by a deceased relative or pet in your dreams.  You could have even picked up on random signs all around you like a feather, coin, or an item that continously popped up in your life that you thought "Now that can't be a coincidence!" or "that must be my grandpa letting me know he's doing great."  I've yet to meet someone who hasn't had some sort of experience happen that gave them those little clues of their own abilities.

Most of us, or at least a fair amount, believe in an afterlife.  We believe that after we die our souls go somewhere beautiful whether that's the Christian version of heaven or some other realm.  Either way, why is it so easy to believe in an afterlife yet not so easy to believe we were given the tools to communicate with those loved ones well after death?  That would hardly be fair.  In fact, it's sort of cruel.  It's like "Hey, I'm going to give you the knowledge of where your relatives go after death but you will have no way of seeking out their guidance.  You're on your own now."  Not cool!

Now ask yourself this question: Do you believe that our deceased loved ones are always around us and are offering support and guidance?  I believe that and from what a lot of people say they do too.  Would it be so far off to suggest that they do this because we are perfectly able to hear those messages and to feel their love and support?  Hello!  That's called being a medium.  ;-)

Lastly, do you believe in ghosts?  Most people have a ghost story of their own where they experienced something creepy and were alarmed to realize that things often really do go bump in the night.  But no, just because you saw a ghost or heard them doesn't mean your a medium.  WRONG!  See how fun this is?

We are so quick to reason and deny and doubt away all these beautiful and eye opening experiences.  I'd like to think that whatever deity you believe in wouldn't be so cruel as to not gift you with the knowledge and ability to tap into the other world to seek guidance when you need it the most.  They wouldn't be so cruel as to force you to cut ties entirely with a loved one just because they moved on to another life on another dimension.  Considering everything dealing with our souls comes from a place of nothing but everlasting love would it be so hard to believe that we are all blessed with this gift?  I think it's incredibly possible and very much true.

So next time you think you hear your Aunt Mary talking to you, or your old dog visits you in a dream, or you hear that pesky ghost walking around downstairs again remember that what you're experiencing is something pretty beautiful and special and not at all scary.  Be thankful for this gift because I think that it makes life all the more sweeter.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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