Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Shadow Figures in My Room

There are some nights when I simply can't sleep.  I will be laying there next to my snoring husband and snoring dog, sandwiched in the bed between my spoiled cat and dog, just wishing sleep to come.  I had one of those frustrating nights a few weeks back and I became so over the fact that I couldn't stop tossing and turning that I decided to sit up in bed and just sit there with my eyes open and be bored that way.  I, oddly enough, never do that.  I typically keep myself in the supine position and hold my eyes tightly shut in hopes that sleep will come.  But not that night, nope.  I was being stubborn.

I at first noticed how much moonlight shone through our many windows upstairs.  It was a full moon that night and boy was it bright in that room.  The second thing that I noticed was the dark figure standing over my husband.  I did a double take as my mouth simultaneously dropped open in shock.  I don't usually see spirits in this dark shadow form.  I almost always see them clearly or in colorful hazes of energy.  So to see something (someone) as a dark figure is sort of shocking to the system and slightly creepy.  I sat there wide awake and with my eyes as big as saucers and watched this shadow person stand over my husband, crouch down to stare into his face, then stand back up and walk out of the room.

Not even a minute after the shadow person left my bedroom I saw two other shadows dart from the middle of my room into the hallway.  Then I saw the creepiest thing I've seen in a long time.  A shadow figure that looked like a man stealthily climbed up on to the top of our wardrobe and crouched at the top staring down at me.  We had a staring contest of sorts for at least thirty seconds.  I had no clue what to do.  I finally said over and over "Go Away.  You're not welcome here."  And thankfully that worked.  For the rest of the night all was calm.

I have no clue how those shadow people got into my house, let alone my room.  I typically put up my "protective shield/bubble" and say a prayer each night for protection and to keep all negative spirits away.  Perhaps they weren't entirely negative but simply creepy in appearance.  I honestly don't know.  As the situation presented itself I was just so shocked at what was happening to think much more beyond that.  I hope that there won't be a repeat of that situation but if there is I'd like to think I will react a little better than just sitting there like a deer in headlights!

Thank you for reading my blog.

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