Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Haunted Italian Hotel Room

I went to Italy on a family vacation last week and I knew it was unreasonable to expect to not see spirits while on my trip.  It's not like I can really escape them no matter what so I make peace with that.  BUT I was adamant that this trip was going to be a time of rest and relaxation which meant purposely trying to keep a wall up so that I don't get bombarded by the spirits all around me.  When we walked into our hotel room that first night in Italy I took a look around and my heart sank a bit.  The building was SO old.  I mean really old.  At least 150 years old.  I was so distracted walking up the stairs and through the hallways that I didn't even take notice of the building's age until we were locked away in our room.

Once the idea sunk in I paused for a moment and reached out a bit with my "other senses" to see if there was a lot of activity.  There was.  Boy was there ever.  The halls practically hummed and vibrated and I could already sense a group of spirits forming around our door.  Great.  I put that mental wall up as high as I could and tried to forget about them.

My family and I had a lovely evening sight seeing and eating delicious Italian food.  It was absolutely perfect.  As I became more and more exhausted and tired I knew I wouldn't be able to keep all the spirits lurking around our room at bay.  We finally settled in for the night and I got comfortable on my bed and began flipping through Pinterest on my tablet to kill time while my son fell asleep.  The more drowsy I became the more I felt my wall slipping.  It took no time for the first spirit to walk in.

He was about six feet tall, mid thirties, and he had short dark hair and tan skin.  He looked fairly normal except for his dark hollow looking eyes.  He paced in front of my bed huffing and puffing waiting for me to acknowledge him.  I refused to out of sheer defiance since he was intruding in my room, and luckily he left fairly quickly.   After that only one other spirit slipped in and made herself known.  She at first peeked around the doorway to look at me a few times.  Then she started pacing in front of me just like the other man.  I kept my cool and refused to let her know I cared and she left within minutes.

Once I fell asleep I was visited by over a dozen different spirits in my dreams.  They all had so much to say, felt so much urgency, and so many conflicting emotions that I simply couldn't keep up with them.  They all shook my shoulders, invaded my personal space, and spoke to me in different languages.  The only way to explain what that's like is by comparing it to being in a huge crowd of loud people and you are being bumped around the chaos without being heard.  By the time I woke up in the morning I was exhausted and had a terrible headache.

Most days I really don't mind the urgency and sometimes selfish behavior that some spirits exhibit.  I get it.  If I were in their shoes I may act the same way.  But even I deserve a little vacation from time to time and I was determined to have one.  Do I feel guilty for not doing more?  Of course.  I always do.  Will I let it bother me for very long?  No, because I can't help them all and it's still my job to create boundaries for myself.  That last one will take me ages to master.

I think the one thing that people don't really understand about what I do is that I never can truly escape spirits.  Most days I never want to escape them, but other days I need a little break.  It's tough acting normal when a spirit is touching you and talking to you and you have to pretend they aren't there due to social situations.  I love all spirits that I encounter but sometimes I wish I had the ability to put a time-out on the situations just so I could take a moment of calm and relaxation.

Baby steps, Andrea.  Baby steps.

Thank you for reading my blog.


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