Monday, November 23, 2015

All About Your Chakras

I am asked fairly frequently about Chakras.  What are they?  What do they mean?  How do you balance them?  It's really a lot more easy to grasp than most people think.  Chakras are the seven (or eight depending on who you speak with) centers of the spiritual body.  They are located at specific points along the center of your body and are each assigned a color by following the rainbow, aka ROY G BIV.  Each chakra has a specific task, element, and focus.  When that area is off balance or you wish to "enlarge" or empower that area more you may use essential oils, mantras, focused meditations, and my favorite: crystals and gemstones.  

The first photograph tells you where each chakra point is, what its name is, what its focus is, and what color it is.

This chart tells you everything you need to know about each chakra point.  I highly recommend reading over the "Malfunction", "Positive Qualities", "Main Focus", and "Stones" sections.  They will offer a better understanding on what each Chakra does, how to identify if one of your chakras are out of balance, and what to use to correct it.  To use the crystals and gemstones simply place them on that specific point on your body and just relax for awhile.  I recommend 30-60 minutes.  After awhile the chakra point will balance out and you will feel the improvement.  

Chakras can easily become confusing if you put too much thought into it.  By using a simple chart as reference and remembering that they are simply there as your own spiritual power you won't have anything to worry about.  Once you learn a little about them, you might become inspired to keep reading and learning more.  They really are incredibly fascinating and beautiful!

Thank you for reading my blog.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Smoky Quartz Heals All

When I broke my thumb and suffered from a ridiculous amount of lacerations from the injury I felt like it would never heal.  The doctors were unable to stitch my thumb up due to it being a dog bite and the increased risk of locking in the bacteria and causing an infection.  So there I was with open wounds, lots of pain, and my body's refusal to actually heal as quickly as I'd like it to.

Each time I would go to the doctor he would sigh, shake his head in disappointment, and then remind me to not expect much when it came to my thumb healing quickly and it ever not looking "mangled."  I found that to be very irritating.  While I couldn't telepathically (or is it telekinetically) will my thumb to heal the way I wanted it to, I could most definitely do everything in my power to help the situation.

I remembered a story I had heard from a Shaman woman I took crystal and gemstone healing classes from in California.  She was talking about how she suffered from a serious back injury and how her husband complained of having to share his bed with a giant piece of smoky quartz.  It was her who insisted on its presence because of its powerful healing abilities when it came to broken bones and other serious injuries.  She said it helped her tremendously.  As I remembered her story a light bulb went off in my brain.

I went straight to my collection of stones and pulled out my two beautiful pieces of smoky quartz.  I placed them under my pillow and didn't remove them until two weeks later.  I noticed significant improvements the day after using the smoky quartz and continued to be amazed at how well my thumb was healing as each day passed.

The moment of truth came when I visited my doctor not long after.  He and his nurse marveled at how well my thumb had healed.  They said lacerations like that simply don't heal that fast.  They both asked me what I had done differently to speed up my recovery and I told them.  At first I was met with blank faces but then the more I explained their expressions turned excited.  My doctor said he had never heard of such a thing but he will never forget it.  I told him I never would forget it too.

After my little incident with my thumb, I have come to believe that Smoky Quartz can literally heal anything.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another Life Changing Dream

I had a dream about my son recently that was what I know deep down I needed.  It was painful and scary and awful but it was necessary.  It's no secret that my son has a hard time with every day normal life.  He has some special needs that require I stay home with him all day every day.  I even homeschool him.  We have moments where our life is calm and great.  But the majority of the time our life is stressful, full of panic attacks and meltdowns, and frustrations.  My son's anxiety and other issues keep us from leaving the house a lot because his panic attacks, OCD, and fear of change can be crippling.  He becomes so angry that he often lashes out at me and says incredibly hurtful things.  But you know what, I still love him.

I really do love him.  More than anything else in the entire universe; and I tell him so every day. BUT he drives me insane.  I'm only human.  I hate admitting that I sometimes lose my temper and yell back.  That I get so blinded by my own frustrations and anger that I lose my sympathetic side and simply won't listen and send him to his room.  I always regret it when I do it but I tell myself that I'm allowed mistakes on occasion.  I'm not perfect but I do the best I can in a very difficult situation.

Lately we've been having an especially overwhelming time what with us re-starting school, trying to do a little sight seeing where we live, and just pure exhaustion from never having the help we really could benefit from.  I've been going to bed sad, exhausted, and just so frustrated that I toss and turn all night.  Last night, after an extremely hard day, I asked my guides for some help.  I was losing the compassion I held on to for so long and I needed help to pull that back to me so that I can keep it front and center.  I simply said "Please help me become a better mother."

Within an hour I was dreaming a very lucid dream: the ones I know have deep meaning and that I need to pay attention to.  It was made clear immediately that I was separated from my family by force to work for some sort of militant type group.  I worked directly under some officer and I had no idea where my son or husband were.  I was hysterical, to say the least.  Eventually, my boss told me we were going to visit a children's home and that I would have the weekend off after that.

We walk into the children's home late at night and I see my son standing there.  I fell to my knees and cried as I looked at him and realized it had been at least a year since I had seen him last.  He looked so much older.  He saw me and he started crying too.  I wasn't allowed to go to him so I just stood there staring at him; longing to hug him and talk to him and never let him go.  I looked at my boss and begged "Please let me take him home.  Just for this weekend."  I pleaded and begged some more until he finally agreed.  "Just for this weekend," he said.  I nodded and was finally permitted to go to my son.  I hugged him and told him how much I loved him. I told him he was going to go home with me.  He nodded and looked happy, yet he also seemed guarded and unsure.  I could tell he knew we would be separated once more and it seemed he didn't want to go through that again.  Luckily, though, he agreed to leave with me.

Once we were alone I asked him if he knew where his dad was and if he'd seen him.  He said yes and produced a tiny worn piece of paper that had a phone number scribbled on it in my husband's handwriting.  I found a payphone and called the number.  My husband answered in a hushed voice and I began speaking to him quickly and urgently.  I told him where we were and asked him if he was near.  He was.  He agreed to meet with us at full dark in an abandoned house that was nearby.

We snuck around, broke into that house, and eventually my husband walked through the door.  We all embraced and cried some more.  We were together again at last and then the reality sunk in that our togetherness would be over in 48 hours.  I looked to my son (who seemed to have mentally aged into an adult) and my husband and asked them what they wanted to do.  My son's face hardened and said "I can't go back there.  We need to run away."  My husband and I agreed and with haste we concocted a plan to escape that night.  We weren't due back for 48 hours so we knew we had plenty of time to get away.  We decided to leave the country and never look back.  I woke up just as we were running through the woods hand in hand toward the vehicle that was going to take us far away.

When I woke up I remembered being in that halfway state of consciousness where I was feeling the emotions as they were happening.  I remember being so anxious and upset and I still had the adrenaline coursing through me.  But the biggest thing that stuck with me was how deeply I was affected by the entire situation and how traumatized I was by not being able to see my son.  It solidified how strong that bond was, how intense my love was for him, and how I would protect him no matter what harm came to me.  I needed that so much.  I never doubted my love for my child but I do sometimes need that reminder of how much I would do to protect and care for him; to make sure every need of his is met.  I'm a mama bear after all...

I quickly thanked my guides for this reminder.  They saw me dealing with the emotional roller coaster that is our lives and they knew I needed that experience to snap me back to the mindset that I usually have which is "I will do anything for my child.  All the pain and hardships are worth it because he is the most important person to me.  Without a doubt."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love my dreams so much.  They kick me in the ass when I need it most and I will always be grateful for it.

Thank you for reading my blog.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

When An Animal Passes Away

Companion animal are so special.  They spend their entire lives by our side, they love us unconditionally, and they provide this incredible emotional support that no other thing could replace.  When they are especially bonded and connected with a human they are even able to astral project and dream right by their person's side.  I find that amazing.

When a person loses a companion animal it can be a very heavy blow.  There is this huge void, an emptiness, that develops in the animal's place.  That bond isn't severed but instead feels even more strong and heart wrenching in the animal's absence.  That's why I think it's important for everyone to understand what happens when an animal passes away.  It will hopefully bring comfort to a person grieving their pet's death and possibly offer some reassurance that everything will be just fine in the end.

When an animal passes away they can do one of two things:  cross over immediately into the after life or hang back for a bit until they have the closure they need.

Some animals pass away and simply go straight through that proverbial white light never looking back.  When this happens they are immediately welcomed with open arms and always cared for by your deceased loved ones.  When an animal decides to hang back it can be for so many different reasons.  One time I experienced a chicken that had died and she was waiting right next to her body until she knew she was found and going to be buried.  Other pets will wait until their are laid to rest.  Regardless of which route they go, they all go to the afterlife eventually.

But then what happens??

Easy.  They live out their days in pure bliss.  They do what animals do best.  They frolic and play and eat and bask in the sun.  They also visit their living human regularly.  They may appear in your dreams (one of my favorites) or you may even feel their presence at random times throughout your day.  They will always visit you because you were their entire universe when living.  They really do have the most beautiful and purest of souls.

One thing I always advise immediately after a pet passes away is to let the other animals in the house have some time with the body.  Animals are extremely intuitive and they understand what death is.  They need that time to understand, grieve, and say goodbye to their brother or sister.  Animals grieve sometimes harder than people.  It's so important to give them the chance to say their goodbyes and for you to be compassionate toward their needs too.

As far as burial plans, there really isn't a right or wrong way to go about it.  Cremation or burying them in the ground; it doesn't matter one bit.  What's important is that you love and respect them and their bodies when living AND when deceased.  Just do what feels right.

 Losing a companion animal is so difficult to experience.  I hope that in knowing that they have souls and are still with us even when in spirit form you are able to feel even the tiniest bit better during your time of loss and grief.

Thank you for reading my blog.