Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Smoky Quartz Heals All

When I broke my thumb and suffered from a ridiculous amount of lacerations from the injury I felt like it would never heal.  The doctors were unable to stitch my thumb up due to it being a dog bite and the increased risk of locking in the bacteria and causing an infection.  So there I was with open wounds, lots of pain, and my body's refusal to actually heal as quickly as I'd like it to.

Each time I would go to the doctor he would sigh, shake his head in disappointment, and then remind me to not expect much when it came to my thumb healing quickly and it ever not looking "mangled."  I found that to be very irritating.  While I couldn't telepathically (or is it telekinetically) will my thumb to heal the way I wanted it to, I could most definitely do everything in my power to help the situation.

I remembered a story I had heard from a Shaman woman I took crystal and gemstone healing classes from in California.  She was talking about how she suffered from a serious back injury and how her husband complained of having to share his bed with a giant piece of smoky quartz.  It was her who insisted on its presence because of its powerful healing abilities when it came to broken bones and other serious injuries.  She said it helped her tremendously.  As I remembered her story a light bulb went off in my brain.

I went straight to my collection of stones and pulled out my two beautiful pieces of smoky quartz.  I placed them under my pillow and didn't remove them until two weeks later.  I noticed significant improvements the day after using the smoky quartz and continued to be amazed at how well my thumb was healing as each day passed.

The moment of truth came when I visited my doctor not long after.  He and his nurse marveled at how well my thumb had healed.  They said lacerations like that simply don't heal that fast.  They both asked me what I had done differently to speed up my recovery and I told them.  At first I was met with blank faces but then the more I explained their expressions turned excited.  My doctor said he had never heard of such a thing but he will never forget it.  I told him I never would forget it too.

After my little incident with my thumb, I have come to believe that Smoky Quartz can literally heal anything.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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