Tuesday, November 3, 2015

When An Animal Passes Away

Companion animal are so special.  They spend their entire lives by our side, they love us unconditionally, and they provide this incredible emotional support that no other thing could replace.  When they are especially bonded and connected with a human they are even able to astral project and dream right by their person's side.  I find that amazing.

When a person loses a companion animal it can be a very heavy blow.  There is this huge void, an emptiness, that develops in the animal's place.  That bond isn't severed but instead feels even more strong and heart wrenching in the animal's absence.  That's why I think it's important for everyone to understand what happens when an animal passes away.  It will hopefully bring comfort to a person grieving their pet's death and possibly offer some reassurance that everything will be just fine in the end.

When an animal passes away they can do one of two things:  cross over immediately into the after life or hang back for a bit until they have the closure they need.

Some animals pass away and simply go straight through that proverbial white light never looking back.  When this happens they are immediately welcomed with open arms and always cared for by your deceased loved ones.  When an animal decides to hang back it can be for so many different reasons.  One time I experienced a chicken that had died and she was waiting right next to her body until she knew she was found and going to be buried.  Other pets will wait until their are laid to rest.  Regardless of which route they go, they all go to the afterlife eventually.

But then what happens??

Easy.  They live out their days in pure bliss.  They do what animals do best.  They frolic and play and eat and bask in the sun.  They also visit their living human regularly.  They may appear in your dreams (one of my favorites) or you may even feel their presence at random times throughout your day.  They will always visit you because you were their entire universe when living.  They really do have the most beautiful and purest of souls.

One thing I always advise immediately after a pet passes away is to let the other animals in the house have some time with the body.  Animals are extremely intuitive and they understand what death is.  They need that time to understand, grieve, and say goodbye to their brother or sister.  Animals grieve sometimes harder than people.  It's so important to give them the chance to say their goodbyes and for you to be compassionate toward their needs too.

As far as burial plans, there really isn't a right or wrong way to go about it.  Cremation or burying them in the ground; it doesn't matter one bit.  What's important is that you love and respect them and their bodies when living AND when deceased.  Just do what feels right.

 Losing a companion animal is so difficult to experience.  I hope that in knowing that they have souls and are still with us even when in spirit form you are able to feel even the tiniest bit better during your time of loss and grief.

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