Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Suicide Debate

A friend of my sister recently committed suicide.  It was completely unexpected; no one was aware of her struggles.  After she passed away, my sister was left feeling very guilty for not picking up on her depression and suicidal thoughts.  I know it was something that was weighing really heavy on her and luckily her friend gave her an unmistakable sign from the afterlife.  That clear sign gave my sister the reassurance she needed for so many reasons.  Then, a week or two later, my other sister had a dream where she connected with our sister's friend and was able to deliver the message her deceased friend had.  I found that incredible, heart warming, and just plain awesome.

There has been a huge debate among mediums, Christians, and others regarding what happens to our souls in the case of suicide.  Most Christians believe you go straight to hell.  A lot of Mediums believe you aren't given entry into the afterlife; you show up only to be turned away and forced to have a "do over" of sorts back on earth.  The majority of people I've spoken with believe that when a person takes their own life they do not go to heaven; that they are doomed.

I highly disagree.

I've been at some really low points in my life.  I've even been so low, so depressed, that I've contemplated suicide.  I was lucky to be able to claw my way back out of such a deep depression but a lot of people aren't.  The one thing I've never forgotten was the feelings of utter despair and helplessness I had during those dark times.  I wanted to feel better but my brain simply said no.  I saw no hope for the future and genuinely believed the world was better without me in it.  It was terrible, to say the least.  The thing is, I believe my depression was minuscule compared to what others feel and experience.  

I can't say that I completely understand suicide or what a person is feeling to be at that point of no return.  But I can empathize so much.  I think of people who have a genuine mental illness or severe chronic depression that just will never go away.  They have no control over their own brains and feelings.  I think of people who go through awful abuse, rape, and/or loss in their life and I can totally understand that their feelings can be so all consuming and heart breaking that there is no hope in their eyes.  That's why I don't believe they are punished for taking their lives.  Sometimes people just can't take the heart ache anymore.  I honestly can't judge them for that, and you shouldn't either.

I refuse to believe that any loving God would punish anyone for waving their own white flag and saying "I give up!" after they've been dealt a really bad hand at life.  Love is love.  Forgiveness is forgiveness.  If a murderer or rapist who repents can be welcomed into heaven why can't a person who took their own life due to a plethora of reasons?

When I hear a medium say that a person's spirit isn't granted entry into the after life due to suicide I try not to argue (it's their own opinion, after all).  But I can't help but wonder if that's just them allowing their own religious opinions blur their own sight and abilities.  I've seen spirits who passed on in this way.  They are given the chance they deserve; the chance to finally be at peace and be happy.  I found my sister's own friend's attempts to reach out to show that she is doing wonderfully even more reassuring.  No matter who you are, we are ALL given a chance at peace and happiness in the afterlife.  There's no better feeling than knowing that.

Remember, none of us have all the answers.  Even mediums!  The beauty of life is that we are just winging it and have to have faith.  I'm pretty OK with that.

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